Landing my first graduate role - Fidelia's story


How the careers service helped me

  • 15 March 2022
  • 5 min read

Finding the ideal role can take a lot of dedication to ensure you are turning out the best applications and interviews to increase your chances of a job offer. Sending out multiple CVs and applications whilst trying to stay resilient can seem never-ending. It is during this time that we can start to experience knocks in our confidence and motivation. So, how can we ignite and sustain enthusiasm when looking for work? It is possible to find jobs that aren't advertised or perhaps even existing, and that's exactly what BEng Innovation Engineering graduate, Fidelia has achieved. 


Fidelia attended several appointments with the Careers and Employability Service throughout her time at university. She found them very useful and supportive in developing the quality of her applications. Having received a number of rejections, Fidelia was determined to explore other avenues for finding work, and building on a discussion she had with a Careers Adviser, she decided to make use of networking opportunities to aid her job search and started to approach employers with speculative applications.


"I have now understood the power of networking and know many jobs are not advertised. I want to use this opportunity to encourage students and graduates to understand the benefits of networking and emphasise how they sell themselves in professional settings, such as through LinkedIn. I understand I may have gotten lucky, but this could be the story of others if they take building a professional network seriously in their final year"

After some time, the networking and speculative approach paid off and Fidelia secured a role as an Innovation Analyst with a Digital Health Company, Pivot Digital Health, based in Oxford. As an international graduate, the company was also willing to offer Fidelia sponsorship in the form of Skilled Worker Visa, and the icing on the cake - a competitive starting salary. The role was never advertised on a jobs board or appeared on LinkedIn showing that putting yourself out there and selling yourself in the right way can gain big rewards. Building a strong professional digital presence through developing a LinkedIn profile is a great way to start and realise the power that networking can have throughout your career.

"I appreciate the work the Careers and Employability Service do, you have all become part of my career journey and I am very proud of my university!"

The Careers and Employability Service are here to help you at each stage of your journey so if you’d like some more advice on how to get started with networking, using a speculative application or receiving feedback on your LinkedIn profile, contact the team via