Hi everyone! I am Ana and I am doing MA Business Communication for International Leadership here in Portsmouth. In my very first blog, I am going to write about the importance of making friends and ways to socialise as a student in Portsmouth.

Student life is not only about your studies, it is about the people you meet

The beginning of your new life as a student might be associated with both worry and excitement. You will meet lots of new people and learn a lot of new things. Having the ability to communicate well with all kinds of individuals is one of the most important skills you will gain from your student years. 

Student life teaches you how to find friends out of the many people around you. And yes, be sure that this is one of the most important things to master in life.

I started my MA during the pandemic. I never had face to face classes, but I still managed to make friends with my fellow classmates. When I started my studies I tried to find some buddies and luckily I managed it. 

It does not matter how old you are or what you study, if you have at least one friend, the learning process is better. 

How can you make friends? 

It is impossible to determine the right answer but I believe that communication is key to finding a good friend, and becoming one. 

Leave your comfort zone and start communicating with others, just don’t forget to listen as well. 

Push yourself to make new friends from your course, don’t just stick with the people you already know. Imagine you are a pirate searching for treasure – you will do everything you can to find the precious treasure right? That is what I looked like when I started my studies. 

I used all the tools I had to meet people from my course, starting with Zoom meetings and emails and ending with social media. I also found that group work helped me to become friends with others more easily – so it might help you too. 

Being socially active can also help you achieve your goal and make friends. 

In Portsmouth you can find lots of places to meet people. If you are looking to make friends with other students, one option would be to join the Students’ Union and get involved in a society or live in a shared flat with other students. 

At first it might feel challenging but if you give yourself time, you will get there. And hopefully, making new friends will be easier next semester when we can meet more people on campus in person (fingers crossed). 

We all know the power of communication, but the reason for mentioning it here is that it is sometimes underestimated. We don’t pay it much attention and that is where we lose the game. 

So, be fearless, be a good speaker and be a genuine listener - you will succeed!

A final note…

Sometimes you will meet people who you think will become your friends and it doesn’t work out.

Other times you will meet people who, on first impressions, you hope you never meet again but they are the ones who become your soulmates. 

Give people time and don’t let any of these experiences stop you from being fearless in how you communicate in the future. 

Be genuine and believe that you will find friends – having faith means you are halfway to your goal. 

So good luck with finding the best friends. 

I am rooting for you!