You can begin preparing for the world of work as soon as you start University from part-time jobs and volunteering opportunities to making use of the Careers and Employability Service. This can complement your degree and help you develop a different skill set. But where to start? 

In this blog Sumaiyah, an international PhD student, shares some tips about making the most out of all the opportunities available to you to be in the best position when you graduate. When it comes to your job search, consistency is key. You might just be able to land your dream position if you stick with it.

Make yourself more attractive to employers

Get experience through part-time work

Part-time work or volunteering are great ways to gain hands-on experience and learn additional skills. There are lots of roles available in Portsmouth that fit around your studies, and you may even find something that is related to your course. Employers value relevant skills and real-world experience.

Become an International Student Ambassador

During my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, I worked as an International Student Ambassador. It helped me develop in several areas. From public speaking and problem-solving to teamwork. Not to mention my communication skills, which are a crucial part of any job.

Employers value all of these skills, regardless of the industry you go into. Having a role like this on your resume demonstrates that you can handle responsibility and have worked with people from all backgrounds.

There are number of similar roles across the University and you will find details on the University’s vacancy page.

Join Committees, societies and clubs

As well as demonstrating your commitment, membership to a club or society can develop your time management, communication and group working skills. You may also have the chance to improve your numeracy, IT and business awareness.