I have just finished my second year at the University of Portsmouth. After living in the city for nearly two years, I can tell you one thing for sure: the best way to get around Portsmouth is cycling.

So, why is Portsmouth so perfect for cycling?

1. The city is flat

It's not only some of the city, but the whole of Portsmouth that is as flat as a desk. The only hill I can think of is really far from the university campus and is only used by cars, which cross a railway over there. This makes for quick and easy riding around the city, so you can be anywhere on campus in five minutes!

2. It's cheap!

You can get a good bike for around 40 pounds and if you look after it carefully, you can sell it again after a year or two and get some money back. In comparison to using the buses in the city (except for the free university bus of course), you can save a lot of money.

3. It can be a means to earn money

Have you ever ordered food through a delivery company? It is so easy to be on the other side of the barrier and have a good part-time job! There are at least three delivery companies in the city that you can work for with a bicycle. You deliver food to customers, earn money and get fit while you do it. Schedules are flexible from week to week and it's a good way to connect studying and working without too much stress.

4. Finally, it's fun!

OK, sure, maybe it won't be fun in the morning after your first day on the bike when you've not cycled for a while, but after your body has recovered, you will just enjoy the wind in your hair and the positive vibes!

Where should you visit on your bike? You can visit some of the obvious places such as Southsea common or the seafront but places a bit further like Langstone and Eastney are always fun to explore. Wherever you cycle, I promise you that you will find some of your own favourite places in the city soon!

So what you are waiting for? Go buy a bike!

(And don't forget to buy a helmet and a D-lock, you never know what could happen!)