To be eligible for Graduation, you must be one of the following:

  • An undergraduate student who has achieved a minimum of 300 credits by 2 July in the year that graduation will take place (or the year it was due to take place for the class of 2020), with at least 60 credits at level 6 achieved at the University of Portsmouth
  • A postgraduate (taught) student who has successfully completed your course by 2 July in the year that graduation will take place (or the year it was due to take place for the class of 2020)
  • A research student who has submitted your final bound thesis by the 31 May in the year that graduation will take place (or the year it was due to take place for the class of 2020)

You’re not eligible for graduation if you’re:

  • Registered on a short course (and none of the above apply to you)
  • Accepting an "exit" award (an award lower than the award you’re registered for)

There’s more information on eligibility on the Awards of the University of Portsmouth (PDF). If you have any further questions about your eligibility, please speak with one of the MyPort Hubs.

Graduating from more than 1 course

If you’ve completed more than 1 eligible course, you can celebrate your achievements at each of your Graduation ceremonies, even if they fall in the same year.

You can only book tickets for one Graduation ceremony via the online booking system. Book these as normal, then contact us via so that we can book tickets for additional ceremonies for you.

Studying at a partner institution

Some UK and overseas partner institutions hold their own Graduation ceremonies. However, you may also want to attend a University of Portsmouth Graduation ceremony.

If you’re studying at a partner institution on a collaborative programme, you may attend a University of Portsmouth Graduation ceremony, unless we tell you otherwise.

Please refer to your partner institution for more details, or contact the University Graduation team on

Outstanding debt and eligibility

You’re not eligible for Graduation if you have an outstanding tuition fee debt with the University and we can’t issue tickets until we have proof that the debt is cleared.

If you have debt, discuss the payment of this as soon as possible with our Finance Department via

To make a payment, please go to the ways to pay page.

Deferring your Graduation

You cannot normally defer your graduation ceremony to the following year.

However, we may consider a deferral for no more than 1 academic year under exceptional circumstances during the graduation period.

Exceptional circumstances include (but are not limited to):

  • Bereavement
  • Illness (you or a family member)
  • Deployment
  • Jury service

As a general rule, a deferral will not be approved if you decide to attend another event (such as a holiday or wedding) rather than your Graduation.

Requesting a deferral

If you can evidence exceptional circumstances and would like to be considered for a deferral, complete the Graduation Deferral Request Form. We'll link to the form here once ticket booking has closed.

You normally need to request your deferral to the next year's Graduation by 1 July.

The decision is made on behalf of the Academic Registrar and is final.

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