New students will be enrolled on two micro-learning courses in September and October 2022 as part of their welcome inductions to the university.

Consent micro-learning visual

The 4-minute daily courses on consent and active bystander training will be delivered to student mobiles via text message by our partners GoodCourse, or to their university emails if a student doesn’t engage via text.   The courses will provide students with easy to remember advice about sexual consent, and when and when not to get involved as an active bystander in a difficult situation.
The courses reinforce our Student Charter and expectations of student behaviour and respect, including valuing the people students meet and the places where they study, work, and live; and to be a role model in the ways they treat people with respect, equity and dignity.

Course details 

New students will receive the micro-learning courses directly to their mobiles on the following dates:

  • Consent course - two 4-minute lessons delivered on 13 and 14 September
  • Active bystander course - two 4-minute lessons delivered on 18 and 19 October 

The courses will appear as text messages from ‘PortsUni’ and ask students to tap a link to take them to the courses. 

They will look like this and be a mix of information, videos, gifs and quizzes to check how much students have learned. They’re designed to grab attention and be easy to remember to help students treat each other with respect and be valued members of our diverse and friendly community.

Active Bystander micro-learning visual