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Helping students achieve their potential

Created by students, staff and the Students' Union, read the principles that shape the great student experience we deliver 

Knowledgeable, informed, intellectually curious, responsible, self-aware, self-motivated, independent and set for success in their future careers. These are characteristics we want all our students to have.

To help our students achieve their full potential, we've created two sets of principles: the University of Portsmouth Student Charter and the Hallmarks of a Portsmouth Graduate.

Thanks to our exceptional teaching, facilities and student experience, our students are empowered to meet and exceed the expectations in the Charter, and develop the characteristics outlined in our Hallmarks – and in doing so, set themselves on the path to a successful and fulfilling career. 

Hallmarks of a Portsmouth Graduate

We support our students to gain the Hallmarks of a Portsmouth Graduate throughout their time at university.

Our graduates will:

  • Have a critical and reflective knowledge and understanding of their subject, with both the ability and readiness to question its principles, practices and boundaries
  • Think independently, analytically and creatively, and engage imaginatively with new areas of investigation within and across discipline boundaries
  • Be able to synthesise new and existing knowledge to generate ideas and develop creative solutions of benefit to the economy and society
  • Be intellectually curious, embrace challenges and seize opportunities for development
  • Be able to locate, access and critically engage with information, using current and emerging digital technologies
  • Be informed citizens, with a sense of responsibility allied to a commitment to ethical practice and social justice issues, such as equality, respect and sustainability
  • Be effective team players, able to provide leadership and to support the success of others
  • Be able to communicate clearly and effectively, in a range of forms and to different audiences
  • Have an enterprising spirit, bringing innovation and productivity to the groups and communities to which they belong
  • Be able to work in a range of environments, responding positively to new situations by being aware, flexible, adaptable and realistic in their expectations
  • Be proactive in recognising and addressing personal development needs, and able to make informed career decisions

Our Student Charter

Created by a partnership of students, staff and the Students’ Union, the University of Portsmouth Student Charter is a shared set of principles that staff and students agree contribute to an outstanding student experience. The charter supports students to demonstrate the Hallmarks of a Portsmouth Graduate. 

Do you know the SCORE at Portsmouth?


Seek out and nurture strong support networks and partnerships to help meet your academic, career, and personal needs


Play your part in welcoming others into diverse, inclusive, global and local communities where ideas are shared, opinions are sought, and views are valued


Embrace challenges, be intellectually curious, and seize the broad range of opportunities provided within and beyond the curriculum


Value the people you meet and the places where you study, work, and live; be a role model in the ways you treat people with respect, equity and dignity


Commit wholeheartedly to a stimulating learning environment, provide and respond to timely and constructive feedback, and push the boundaries of your subject

Pledging to uphold the Student Charter is the foundation of our award-winning Welcome Ambassador programme and the start of our student leadership pathway.