The objective of the Staff Printing Rationalisation project is to implement the staff print policy, and ultimately ensure that the number of printers across the campus is reduced. This project supports the University’s aim to lead on environmental sustainability and become climate positive.

As part of the project, we will be removing individually assigned printers and reducing the number of department leased printers. Information Services will be working with the Faculties and Departments to plan and implement this work.

At the last University Executive Board a new Staff Printing Policy was approved in response to an identified need across the institution, the HE sector and the wider economy, to account for the impact our business activities have on the environment. Within the University strategy we have a stated aim to lead on environmental sustainability and becoming climate positive. Reduction of printing within our offices and teaching spaces is one simple but effective way that we can do this.

Printers consume paper, toner chemicals, and power. In addition, the environmental impact of disposing of printed media is significant. During lockdown we saw the adoption of the use of digital tools and online materials. As a result there was a significant reduction in the amount of printing through office printers. However, since returning to more normal on-campus ways of working we are seeing a return to previous, pre-pandemic printing levels, and we wish to address this across the University. We want to capitalise on the change in behaviour of the majority of colleagues and continue to minimise the amount we print on campus.

The project will be implemented over a number of phases, planned over the next 12 months.

Phase 1/Pilot:

  • St Andrews Court: September and October 2022
  • University House: October and November 2022

Phase 2/Full Rationalisation:

  • January to July 2023

The printer rationalisation will be rolled out by building, and engagement with impacted areas will be planned in advance.

An audit of the building printers (department and individual printers) will be undertaken, and a proposal walked through with impacted departments of the rationalisation required. Once agreed, IS will implement the changes (printer removal / printer relocation).

Communications will be sent to staff once changes are implemented.

Some benefits of using Staff print stations are:

  1. Staff Print Stations will be located in nearly all UoP buildings.
  2. Setting up to print will be much easier as there will only be one print queue.
  3. You can release your print from any Staff Print Station across campus, with just a swipe of your University Card.
  4. Using your University Card to release prints provides increased security and privacy.
  5. Waste will be drastically reduced as any print jobs not released after 24hrs will be deleted from the queue automatically.


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