1 February 2021

4 min read

February is the 10 year anniversary of National Student Money Week, the UK's biggest money awareness week for students. 

This year focuses on expecting the unexpected, kicking off with a range of initiatives to help you plan for a rainy day, including:

£250 emergency pot and one-to-one financial advice sessions to be won

Win one of including four ‘emergency pots’ worth £250 each, or one-on-one sessions with financial planning experts. 

To enter, complete the 3-day email learning bootcamp to get your finances in shape to withstand any storm. You’ll learn about building an emergency pot, insurance and other essentials.

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Live financial planning webinars

Sign up to two free webinars to learn how to withstand any financial situation life throws at you. 

Financial wellbeing in COVID times - Tuesday 23 February

  • What is a recession and why is one coming: understand the impact of macro events on your life.
  • Assessing your current financial situation: how to work out where you are and how to get where you want.
  • Developing financial goals: how to set your personal, big-picture objectives.

Building financial resilience for all (and any) time - Thursday 25 February

  • Developing a strong foundation: learn how to withstand any financial situation life throws at you.
  • Budgeting like a boss: why the B-word is the most important word.
  • Getting out of debt: because that’s where your power will be.
  • Practical steps for turbulent times: prepare for the unexpected.
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A free financial planning e-book 

Download a free e-book with all the financial planning strategies you need for a rainy day. It also covers how the economy works, how it might impact your finances, and what you can do about it.

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Get help with your finances

The Student Finance team can help you year-round with issues like putting together a budget, checking your funding is correct, advising you about benefits and supporting you if you are in financial difficulty.

They can also help you with finding financial support, such as grants from the University’s hardship fund.

Book an appointment by emailing studentfinance@port.ac.uk or calling 02392 843014.