Over the next two years, we will be changing to using Microsoft 365 on our computer systems (but don’t worry, the university will move over gradually with plenty of notice and support).

What will the change to Microsoft mean for students?

What will change and when?

Over the next two years we will start to change from Google to Microsoft for email, calendar, documents and folders. 

We know some students already use a mix of Microsoft and Google, but as a University we will be changing to only using Microsoft 365. 

Different parts of the University are likely to be switched over at different times, and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. We’ll be working closely with your academic staff, support services and the Students’ Union to agree on the best timings, including avoiding critical points of the academic year like assessment periods.

What do I need to do now? 

Don’t worry - students don’t have to do anything now. 

But if you want to, you can help us prepare by decluttering your data storage. This will happen automatically as student accounts are deleted two years after the end of your course, but you can start to spring clean your digital world from now. 

Here’s how to delete personal data on your MyPort Google account and anything you don’t need for your studies: 

Get tips for tidying up your Google account

Students who currently have the largest quantities of storage have already been contacted by Library & Information Services with advice on how to reduce their storage. 

Why are we changing to Microsoft? 

Student feedback

63% of students said they preferred Microsoft to Google based on feedback from over 500 students in 2022/23. 

Preparing for the world of work

Most organisations and companies use Microsoft, so becoming familiar with the software will help you be more employable and confident when you graduate.

Simplifying our IT systems and improving security

We already have Microsoft tools available alongside Google - but by focusing on one, it reduces confusion and frustration and allows us to provide better support and a more secure and safe environment.

Ask us your questions and feedback

We’ll be sharing more details as we have them, and be able to give specific updates when different parts of the switch happen. Keep an eye on your student emails for more information.
For any questions at this time, please contact our IT team at digitaltransformation@port.ac.uk and we’ll get back to you.