Trampolining at Langstone campus, fireworks over Ravelin Park and the opening of Park Building from the University Archive

Old photograph from 1908 of the Park Building

  • 06 December 2019
  • 2 min read

As another decade comes to an end we’ve looked back at the best pictures from our University archive. The archive goes all the way back to when we were Portsmouth and Gosport School of Science and Art in the late 19th century and the opening of Park Building when we became Portsmouth Municipal College in 1908.

Park Building as Portsmouth Municipal College (1908)

The Park Building opened as Portsmouth Municipal College and public library focused on chemistry and engineering. Shortly after during 1911 a Student Union was established; as early records from the Student Union newspaper The Galleon show.

Old photograph from 1908 of the Park Building

Rees Hall (1969)

Originally built in 1862 as the Pier Hotel, closed during the Second World War and used by the Royal Navy, it was bought by Portsmouth Polytechnic in 1969 before being demolished and rebuilt in the same style in 1995.

Old black and white photograph from 1969 of Rees Hall

Trampolining at Langstone Campus (1970s)

Students enjoying a trampoline at the Langstone Campus in Milton where there used to be student accommodation, a restaurant and, before being based in Park Building, was home to the School of Languages and Area Studies. Langstone still hosts training and matches as part of the University’s sports grounds.

Old black and white photograph of a group of students trampolining at the Langstone Campus

Polytechnic students next to South Parade Pier (1980s)

Portsmouth polytechnic students on the promenade next to South Parade Pier a few years after it had burned down and then rebuilt. Portsmouth Polytechnic students often organised discos and club nights in the pier’s Gaiety and Albert Ballrooms.

Old black and white photograph of polytechnic students, three standing behind with helmets on and one sat in a shopping trolley

Portsmouth Polytechnic Rag society (1988)

The Raising and Giving (RAG) Society are the fundraising executive committee at the University. They currently run international trips such as trekking across the Andes to Machu Picchu or climb Kilimanjaro as well as adventures and challenges like the Three Peaks challenge and skydives to raise money for charities.

Black and white photograph of polytechnic students wearing RAG society t-shirts, posing for a photograph

Fireworks over Ravelin Park at the Uni’s Inauguration (1992)

After becoming one of the largest polytechnics by the late 1980s, on 7 July 1992 the University was granted university status meaning it could validate its own degrees and celebrated its inauguration during a ceremony at the Guildhall with fireworks over Ravelin Park.

Photograph of fireworks going off in the sky in 1992

Portland building construction (1995)

Portland Building was designed by Hampshire Country Council for the University’s School of Architecture and the Department of Land and Construction Management, containing lecture and seminar rooms, a library/resource centre and facilities for the Faculty of Environment.

Photograph of construction site when building Portland Building in the 90s

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