Christmas tree

Some of you recently told us what you're most looking forward to this Christmas

  • 08 December 2020
  • 5 min read

Some of you recently told us in our Student Facebook group what you're most looking forward to at Christmas, and although this year will be different here’s some things you recommend for us to do to have a good festive season:


1. Seeing friends and family

family preparing food

It’s the time we spend apart that makes us realise how much we value our friends and family and a lot of you are looking forward to being reunited this Christmas. From meeting newborn relatives to singing Christmas carols and putting up decorations together it’s clear that many of you are looking forward to catching up with family after some time away. Even if you aren’t seeing them this Christmas you could organise a virtual Christmas party with them where you dress up and play games or send them a handwritten Christmas card to let them know you are thinking of them.

This Christmas time I am looking forward to seeing my family again. I am an international student from the US here, so I haven't seen my family in a few months. A lot of family time awaits my return home. 


2. Eating lots of food

Food, glorious food. No matter where you’re spending Christmas this year, a full belly will put you in the festive mood. A lot of you said you were looking forward to eating lots of good food. So, if you’re lucky enough to have someone cooking for you- enjoy, but if not make sure you treat yourself to something you really love.

Eating all the food, especially stuffing. And of course the Christmas music and songs.


3. Watching Christmas movies

christmas living room with The Grinch on TV
There’s never too many times you can watch Elf, right? Lots of you can’t wait to just snuggle up and watch a tonne of festive flicks. So get some snacks, grab some blankets, throw on Netflix and settle down for the next few hours. After deciding which one to watch first… Or you could join one of Res Life’s Christmas Film Nights and watch along with others.

So excited to see my family and have that warm happy Xmas vibe in the house. Can't wait to snuggle and watch Xmas movies after decorating the tree. It's nice to have some smiles and happiness after the year we had.


4. Presents!

dog playing in wrapping paper

Chip, a 12 year old Jack Russell terrier loves helping 'unwrap' presents 

Wrapping presents, opening presents, seeing others open their presents, watching the dog rip apart all the wrapping paper from the presents- it all contributes to that wonderful feeling on Christmas morning. And who says you can’t get yourself a little something? If exchanging gifts is a bit difficult this year, agree to spend the money on yourselves as a treat.

I look forward to seeing my dog rip apart all the wrapping paper on Christmas morning! He loves helping unwrap presents.


5. Decorations

christmas tree lights
Some fairy lights and a Christmas tree really bring about that magic feeling at Christmas time. Whether you’re helping to decorate the family home or just looking forward to seeing Christmas lights when out and about, many of you mentioned you were looking forward to Christmas decorations this year.

Decorating the Christmas tree with some mince pies warm out the oven.


Christmas social events at the University


There’s also plenty of social events going on over the Christmas period at the University, including a number of film screenings and virtual meetups. See the schedule of events.

So enjoy this Christmas whatever you’re doing, as we definitely all need it and remember to keep your activities within the Government Guidelines to keep everyone safe.

If you’re spending Christmas at Uni this year and need some support, contact our Res Life team ( who will be happy to help.