Support local children with literacy by volunteering with Pompey Pirates

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Help our city's young people

  • 14 August 2020
  • 4 min read

A new project launching in September is looking for volunteers to support our city’s young people.

Pompey Pirates is a literacy hub run by an education charity in partnership with the University and the City Council and will work to improve the reading, writing and confidence of children.

Due to school closures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, their work has become even more crucial as the literacy gap between those less advantaged children and their peers is likely to become even wider.

Now, in preparation for the launch, the hub needs volunteers to help children across Portsmouth gain the literacy skills they need to thrive. You’ll contribute towards a unique, creative and adventurous learning environment that inspires young people from the least advantaged communities to improve their literacy skills.

Training is available over the next few weeks and more information can be found on their website.

Fill out this form to join their crew and help young people fall in love with reading and writing.