23 September 2021

3 min read

Do you have an idea about a Civic University project that could have a positive and wide reaching impact in our city or region? 

Whether it's a unique opportunity for students to volunteer in the local area and gain experience, or a project that needs help with community outreach - we’re looking for ways that we as a University could use our skills, knowledge and networks to help the local community.

The University can help support the project idea and offer guidance, networking and support in applying for external funds. We can also reach out to our partnership network for shared resources such as people and facilities.

We're looking for projects have a large public profile and significant impact across our region, with multiple partner involvement. As part of the submission process we'd like to know:

  • What you want to do, with who, in what volume, how, and what you need to achieve it. 
  • What impact you think the project has the potential to have and for who 

Share your Civic project idea with the team now:

Submit your project idea

Find out more about the Civic University programme, and if you have any questions or comments, please contact the team at civicuniversity@port.ac.uk.