We’re looking for students to join in with the 2021 Global Goals Jam from 15-19 September.

The Global Goals Jam takes place every year on the weekend of the UN Climate Summit and brings people together to create a common understanding of global challenges. Our theme is climate justice.

We’ll be running a jam with our partner, Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia, when you will have the opportunity to work with students in Australia. We know that the unprecedented challenges brought by Covid-19 have had a direct impact on your ability to have an international experience as part of your studies and our participation in this event is a direct response to this.

30-50 students will come together from each University in small groups of 3-5 to communicate a particular problem connected to the theme of water: water pollution, water shortage or sea level rises. We’re looking for students who would like to participate in the Jam, as well as students who would be interested in acting as group facilitators.

How to join the jam

Participants will need to commit to 4 mornings (15-19 September), and will be able to join in either in person in Portsmouth or online. The application form requires you to provide a short paragraph (no more than 100 words) explaining why you would like to participate.

The application deadline is 13 August. 

The jam is focused on enabling teams to empathise with a challenge – there will be exciting short talks by researchers from a range of disciplines. The focus is on the creation of conversational objects/visualisations to communicate a particular local problem connected to water and you'll have the opportunity to work together in interdisciplinary teams. Our colleagues in Australia will draw on how international and indigenous cultures use non-verbal techniques to share their stories and how these techniques can be applied to research and development.

By choosing local problems to focus on that are directly comparable, we hope to create a shared empathy for the global challenges we face, develop a deeper understanding of our own and each other’s cultures and to address issues that face everyone.

Above picture caption: Work by Group “Happy Fish” (Iminee Boyd-Cox, Harry Browne, Charlotte Buckingham, Zoe Botikou, Katerina Burianova)  

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