Decide the winner of Global Chef 2020 by trying these student made dishes

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Become a judge in the Global Chef competition to help decide the overall winner

  • 13 March 2020
  • 4 min read

Become a judge in the Global Chef competition and help decide the overall winner.

The three dishes from each finalist will be on sale at University catering outlets from 16 - 20 March and the winning dish will be the one who sells the most. Check out the dishes below.

Dishes from the entrants of the Global Chef competition will also be available in the next edition of the Global Cookbook.

Baked mac & cheese with jerk chicken by Eddie Koppoe

student with dish

Eddie is in his final year of BSc Sports Management and Development and won the main course heat. 


He said: “The majority of my cooking influence comes from my mother and my grandmother. The caveat of that is that they never used any recipes, they just kept adding stuff until it tasted right! During my childhood, my mother made an effort to always involve me in the kitchen, especially on Sundays after church. 

“As a Jamaican, my mother naturally introduced me to jerk chicken and how to make it, This dish, in particular, has a special place in my heart as it was something my grandmother would always make any time we had a family gathering. Although she has passed, her influence will always be with me.”

Try this dish at: Pit Stop in the Students’ Union and St Andrew’s Court


Cauliflower falafels with flatbread and beetroot hummus by Kelly Knijn


student with dish


Kelly, a Study Abroad student from the Netherlands studying sociology, was the winner of the vegetarian main course heat. Kelly said: “After finishing my Hotel Management course which focused on cooking I started to study Food Innovation, where I focused on creating new concepts for food companies. 

“My passion for cooking did not disappear and that's the reason why I always like to organise dinner parties to get people familiar with different kinds of food and different kinds of cultures.”

Try this dish at: Pit Stop at the Students’ Union and St Andrew’s Court


Lemon cake with a twist by Or Oron Misgav

student with dish

Or is currently pursuing an MRes in CCI in the field of data visualisation and is the winner of the dessert heat. She said: “My mom taught me how to bake and ever since I’ve been hooked. In my spare time, I love baking with my husband. 

“For the competition, I have used a modified version of a recipe from Efrat Lictistant blog ‘What do you do all day’. Some ingredients have been changed to be similar to an old family recipe. The reason I love this cake is that lemon cakes make me feel at home. 

“Every Friday my mom would bake something special for Shabbat feast (Friday night dinner). Now that I live abroad, I miss coming home on Fridays to smell her baking.”

Try this dish at: Eldon cafe, St Andrew’s Court, Cafe Coco