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8 December 2021

2 min read

The University has arranged for a full Zoom licence for every student.

This will allow everyone registered to have:

  • Unlimited minutes in a meeting
  • Up to 300 people attending (if you are that popular)
  • Cloud-based recording storage for 15 days
  • Access to in-meeting automatic transcription (language options coming soon)
  • Access to in-meeting Apps
  • Direct access to your Calendar


Setting up your account

In order to get access to everything on offer, visit the link below and choose Sign-in. Then log in with your University username and password.

Access Zoom now

Remember to keep your Zoom client up-to-date, so you can enjoy the latest additions like chat to the waiting room and auto-updating.

So, if you want to virtually meet up for a group study, or just talk to friends or family, go ahead and use Zoom.

More information on Zoom is available on MyPort.

Support is provided by the University's IS department, so if you have any questions contact them via the Service Desk.