13 December 2019

1 min read

Fines for late returns of Library books will be replaced with a quicker block on borrowing new books, to help keep books in circulation for all students.

The current penalty for late returns is £1 a day up to a maximum of £20 per item – but despite this books often aren’t returned, leaving others without access to the same resources.

From 2 January 2020, borrowers who ignore a second reminder to return books won’t be able to borrow or request any more books until the outstanding items are returned. Any outstanding fines have been removed from library accounts.

It’s hoped that these new rules will be more effective in getting in-demand books back into circulation for more students to use, while also reducing the financial costs to students of fines.

The Library has also reduced the number of notifications sent about your library account. You will only receive an email when you are expected to take action – for example, if you need to return an item reserved by someone else, if you have a reservation awaiting collection, or if you need to return all your loans because you have completed your course.

Find out more about the rules for borrowing from the Library and the wider Library Regulations.