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  • 28 April 2021
  • 3 min read

The University recognises the disruption caused by the IT incident. We are supporting students to produce their best work in the circumstances and progress to the next year of study or to graduation with a variety of mechanisms.

We let all students know that we have extended relevant coursework submission dates following the cyber incident that is impacting a number of our IT systems. This means students do not have to submit individual Extenuating Circumstance claims related to the cyber incident. Students are able to submit Extenuating Circumstances claims in the usual way if they have been adversely affected by other issues.

Checking your coursework submission dates


Students should now check Moodle to see their new coursework submission dates. These can be found under the assessment tab at the top of your module Moodle site.  It is important to submit your coursework within the revised hand-in periods as well as planning revision for exams. 

The University is working round the clock to safely restore IT systems and software access. However, whilst there are ongoing disruptions students should regularly check Moodle to keep up to date on their coursework submission dates, and information from their course team about their course, as they normally would.

In addition to extending coursework submission dates, we have a number of measures that we can apply at Exam Boards to ensure students are not disadvantaged, in a similar way to the no detriment practices we put in place for the pandemic. We have designed these measures to support students to progress through to the next stage of their course, or through to graduation if this is their final year.

Please contact your MyPort Hub if you have any questions.