Building work continues on the University's brand new sports centre

The completed steel frame of the new sports centre

Progress continues, though social distancing measures are in place to protect staff

  • 01 June 2020
  • 5 min read
The building of the University‚Äôs state of the art sports centre has continued and adapted during the lockdown. Many new measures have been put in place to protect the construction staff, from social distancing during work and breaks, additional site cabin cleans and added supervision on all access points. 

Work is underway on the sports hall which will be on the first floor at the top of the building. It has been designed this way to provide natural light from its skylights and to minimise the energy consumption from the building. The sports hall will have 8 badminton courts and fold- away spectator seating allowing for the space to be used as a venue for competitive sporting events. The construction of the swimming pool has also been tested for any leakage before rendering and tiling begins. 

The sports centre is due to open next year for students, staff and local residents to enjoy.