27 October 2021

3 min read

As the clocks are going back and the mornings and evenings are getting darker, remember to be bright to be seen if you’re walking or cycling to uni. 

We’ve got some top tips to help you stay safer during your travel this autumn and winter.

If you cycle after dark don’t forget to switch on your white front and red rear bike lights. This will help other road users see you and is also a legal requirement between dawn and dusk. Some cyclists also like to use helmet lights for extra visibility, but this should be in addition to a light on your bike.

Not got any lights? You can buy some from both big name retailers and local bike shops. Don’t forget University students can get discounts at some local bike shops.

Wear reflective clothing whether you’re cycling or walking - a high vis vest or jacket, or at least bright colours can also help to make you more visible to others. You can also get bags or panniers with reflective strips or patches. If you’re cycling, reflective arm bands can help make your signals clearer too.

If you’re driving please remember to keep an eye out for others who are cycling and continue to give them plenty of space when overtaking. The recommended distance is 1.5 meters. It may also be a good time to check your vehicle lights are in working order too.