Avoid this tuition fee scam - read this helpful advice

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Prevent yourself from being a victim of fraud

  • 05 March 2020
  • 3 min read

What is the scam?

A new scam is being targeted at students at universities across the country.

A third party offers to pay a student’s fees on their behalf, at a discounted rate. However, there is no discount - it’s a scheme to steal money and personal details from the students. 

They attempt to pay the fees using stolen credit card details - however, these payments are rejected, and the students’ fees go unpaid and their cash and private data is in the hands of the thief.

How should I pay my fees?

Students should only pay their fees through methods approved by the University and must let us know if their fees are being paid by an official sponsor or funder. 

If students are concerned they may be a victim of this fraud they should contact the University's Finance team at fco@port.ac.uk for advice.

How can I protect myself against fraud?