New students starting in autumn 2022 can join our chat groups on Discord where you can meet course mates in your university school - to help you socialise and make connections online before you arrive on campus.

Students from older year groups and staff will also be there to provide tips and help answer your questions about your course and student life.

Watch the video for a step-by-step guide if you’ve not used Discord before, or follow the instructions below.

An Introduction on how to join the University Discord Server

How to join Discord if you’ve not got a Discord account

  1. Click the invite link in your university email (for example as part of our Welcome to Portsmouth programme.
  2. Add a username - Discord will prompt you to add a username and also ask for your date of birth to check you are over a minimum age to access their app.
  3. Add your details - including your university email address (for example and a password.
  4. Click the confirmation link - sent to your email address. You’re now on Discord! You have an option to download the Discord app or use a web browser on your phone or computer.

How to join your university school group with your Discord account

  1. Introduction and verification - after clicking the invite link in your university email (see above) your will be taken to the Discord home screen. Click the University of Portsmouth logo, on the left-hand side, to return to our Discord server. Here, you will see an #introduction page. You’ll be asked to direct message (DM) the University of Portsmouth account with your student id number (for example UP1234567). To do this, right-click on the University of Portsmouth account in the right-hand menu and select "Message" from the menu. This can only be seen by a small group of University staff to verify that you’re a new student.
  2. Accept the rules - once you’re verified within 24 hours, you’ll be asked to accept our community #rules-and-disclaimers such as keep it friendly, no explicit language, no promotions and no spamming. Just click the green tick to say you’ve read and accepted them.
  3. Find your subject school in the #roles tab. Click the icon to join your school group. For example, click the scales of justice if you’re a law student or the magnifying glass if you’re studying criminology. If you’re not sure which school your course is in, click #whats-my-school - your course will be listed there.

Extra university channels to join

  1. Meet students from other courses - you’ll also be able to chat to students from other courses in the #all-students channel. All new students will also automatically receive useful advice from #university-news.
  2. Technical help and announcements - if you need any technical help when you’re in Discord or you’re not sure which school group to join, post a message in the #help-and-advice tab. 

If you’re a new student and are struggling to join Discord please email

Discord logo


Rules and Disclaimers

Here’s a copy of our rules and disclaimers which new students will be asked to accept so we can keep Discord a nice environment for all to use. 

We follow all official Discord guidelines.

We follow the UoP student code of conduct guidelines.

🚫 NO explicit language - you will receive 3 warnings before being banned

🚫 NO explicit content

🚫 NO hate speech, racism, homophobia, bullying, or aggressive behaviour will be tolerated

🚫 NO harassment of any kind

🚫 NO inciting arguments 

🚫 NO promoting of cruelty, violence, self-harm, or suicide 

🚫 NO spamming channels

🚫 NO promotion of any kind

🚫 Do not invite people to this server without the University's permission 

👍 Do add a nickname for this server- first name - course name i.e. Joe Bloggs - Pharmacy

👍 Do keep it friendly and safe for all 

👍 Do respect others 

👍 Do be careful in sharing your personal information with others

👍 Do contact @Student Mods mods if anything seems suspicious


We must draw your attention to the Discord Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions relating to Discord's data security or  the privacy of your personal data, please contact Discord’s Data Protection Officer at