Staff member helping student crochet at feel good festival

Books, apps and online self-help

Discover the self-help resources recommended by the Student Wellbeing Service for maintaining a positive outlook

The Student Wellbeing Service can help you overcome difficulties. As well as 1-to-1 support, courses and workshops, we also provide online self help resources for maintaining a positive outlook – we especially recommend downloading the WhatsUp mood monitoring app and finding out more about the SilverCloud online courses.

Or you can browse a range of self help resources and services for addressing common difficulties recommended by us - follow the links below to get started.

Wellbeing self-care during the pandemic

The current global situation is an extremely challenging one at every level of society and for each of us individually. It is vital that we all take care of our mental as well as our physical wellbeing. Our Learning Well framework is a very good place to start, and we have also collated some other Covid19-specific wellbeing resources to build on this.

If you prefer to find out some general information about mental health issues, conditions and ideas for self-help, the following websites are recommended:

What'sUp App

WhatsUp? is an anonymous smartphone app offering a quick way to chat via text with practitioners at the Student Wellbeing Service. You can also use it to monitor your mood and express thoughts, feelings and emotions. Get started today.


SilverCloud is a range of online courses tackling the four areas of stress, anxiety, low mood/depression and body image issues. Get started today.