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Inclusive employers

Advice on finding LGBT inclusive employers and talking about your gender identity during the application process

In this employment guide you'll find advice on how to find inclusive employers and we'll talk through what to consider if you're thinking about disclosing your gender identity to potential employers.

Your decision to tell an employer is a personal decision unless there is a genuine and legal requirement related to the job.

You also need to feel confident that you're making choices that will help you find positive employers and that you've thought about your decision whether to disclose and at what stage of the application process.

Opportunities - what to look for when researching employers

Doing some initial research into the employers you're interested in will help you find out about their commitment to diversity.

  • Look out for an equal opportunities policy that relates specifically to gender identity. 
  • Consider if the employer has won any awards for equal opportunities or inclusivity in the workplace, such as the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion awards. 
  • Explore the terminology employers have used in their policies. The use of ‘gender identity’ or other appropriate terminology could indicate they've recognised the importance of this and researched best practice. 
  • Does the organisation have a specific policy on transitioning in the workplace? For instance, UNISON has a useful guide for supporting trans members
  • A helpful sources of information when looking for positive employers include: 

    • Proud Employers - A jobsite for LGBT people aiming to help candidates find roles with organisations committed to diversity and inclusion for their employees. 
    • The Workplace Equality Index: a list of the 100 most LGBT-inclusive organisations in the UK. 

Work experience 

A number of programmes, internships and insight days are available that are specifically designed for LGBT students. Below is a list of some of the opportunities that may interest you.

  • Inside & Out - Investment Banking Internships open to 1st and 2nd year students.
  • DiversCity in Law - Event for students interested in a career as a lawyer in the City.

Support organisations and networks

Many larger organisations have established LGBT networks and these are a good indication of the organisation’s culture. It's a personal choice to join a network, but it may offer the opportunity to support representation within the organisation and indeed the sector that you're working in. 

Trade unions can also be a good source of support and information. Many, such as the teaching and public sector unions, have LGBT+ information on their websites. 

The following organisation provide information, advice and support: