This article contains information on when you will be paid your tuition fee and maintenance loans and who to contact for questions about this.

If you are looking for information on tuition fee and maintenance loan application please see this article.


Once you have applied for tuition fee and maintenance loans

Once you have made your application and it has been approved, you will be sent documentation detailing what you are eligible for. You will also receive a declaration form, which you will need to sign and return to the relevant address. Please do not forget to do this. We cannot confirm your registration until the signed online declaration form has been logged on the student finance system. The University will also not receive payment of the tuition fee loan until this declaration has been logged.


When will my maintenance grant/loan be paid to me?

Maintenance loans and grants from Student Finance England, Wales and Northern Ireland, or from the Scottish Awards Agency are paid termly, at the beginning of each term. Payment of your grant or loan is dependent on the University confirming your registration or attendance.


Confirmation of registration and attendance

In order for you to be paid the first instalment of your maintenance loan, we will need to confirm you have registered with the University. For further instalments, we will need to confirm you are still in attendance before each payment. Registration and Attendance confirmation is done electronically by the university on a daily basis throughout the year.

Your registration will only be confirmed once you have registered onto your course online. Payment will be released 3 working days after we have confirmed your registration. Attendance will only be confirmed if you are still in attendance. We cannot confirm your registration if you have not completed the Student Finance/Scottish Awards Agency application form and returned the signed declaration back to the appropriate award authority.


I'm getting a tuition fee grant/loan, how do I tell the University?

We download an electronic file which tells us the students who are receiving a tuition fee grant/loan, so you shouldn't need to tell us, unless you were originally planning to go to another University, in which case see below for instructions.


Who will the tuition fee grant/loan be paid to?

The tuition fee grant or loan will be paid directly to the University in 3 instalments.


I originally applied to go to another University?

If you originally applied to go to another University, or you are transferring in, it is likely your financial notification will show the previous University on it. If this is the case, you will need to bring/send in your financial notification to us at the contact details listed at the bottom of this article. This will then allow us to confirm your registration and update your university to Portsmouth.


My maintenance grant/loan hasn't been paid to me, what do I do?

Some possible reasons for not receiving payment include the award authority having incorrect bank details for you, your national insurance number has not been verified, or the online declaration form you were sent has not been logged on the system. Please login to your online student finance account to ensure you have submitted your application correctly and see if anything is outstanding.

If everything has been done, and all information provided is correct, please contact us using the contact details listed at the bottom of this article.


If I transfer course, suspend or withdraw from the University, what happens?

If you transfer course during the academic year, suspend or withdraw from your studies, Student Administration Services will automatically submit a change of circumstances form to the appropriate award authority. Please see our Change of Status (Transferring, Suspending, Withdrawing) what I need to know article for further information.

If you require a change of circumstances form for another reason, not covered above, such as a change in fee or if you wish to change to or from a course with a placement year, please contact us using the contact details listed at the bottom of this article.


Can you contact my award authority for me if I have a problem?

The University's Student Finance Centre can help you to contact your award authority and speak on your behalf. You must be with them when they phone so that you can give permission to your award authority for the University to speak with them.

The Student Finance Centre may also be able to give you some financial help or advice if your grant/loan is going to be delayed due to an issue with your award authority. Please contact the Student Finance Centre on 023 9284 3014 or visit them at Student Finance Centre, University House, Winston Churchill Ave, Southsea, Portsmouth PO1 2UP.

If there is a problem with your change of circumstance, Student Administration Services in the Department of Student and Academic Administration can contact your award authority directly to rectify the issue with them.


Who can I contact for further information once I have applied?

You can email us at or telephone Student Administration Services on +44(0)23 9284 5259.

If you need to speak to someone in person, please contact us and we will arrange this for you.