Toluwa Oyeleye

  • 31 March 2021
  • 3 min read

How are you doing? It’s been a year since the first UK lockdown started, and since then life as a student has changed so much. 

This academic year there’s been a whole new way of learning to get used to - plus all sorts of additional financial and other pressures to cope with. Everything has changed so much, and we know it’s been tough.

Take a moment to hit the pause button and check in with yourself this Consolidation Week. If you’re seeking inspiration, someone to talk to, or are feeling a bit burnt out - then check out these options for support:

Find your motivation and purpose

Check out these recorded talks from inspirational speaker, Toluwa Oyeleye. Choose from a quick 5 minute pep talk on Finding Purpose, or one of three 45-minute workshops. Scroll down on the Learning Well Moodle site to find the Learning Well Inspiration series. 

Toluwa shares easy, practical hacks to see you through deadline season - including getting motivated and connected, building on your strengths, managing stress, and setting boundaries. The students who attended the workshops gave them rave reviews!

My lecturer suggested I attend the workshops because I’ve been having a tough time recently.. I’ve really been enjoying them and they’ve really benefited me. Really eye-opening.

Portsmouth student, Attendee at Toluwa's workshop

24/7 support and culturally matched counselling

And sometimes it just helps to talk confidentially to someone neutral about how you are feeling. Did you know that you can now get free wellbeing support 24/7? And that you can ask for some ongoing counselling sessions in any language?

Speak to a counsellor any time, for free. For further sessions you can even choose the language you want to use, and also request a counsellor from a specific ethnicity, faith or cultural background (e.g. LGBTQ+).

Access the helpline via the WhatsUp app SOS Call button, or use this quick registration portal to be given the freephone helpline number.

Other support and resources

You can see all support from the Student Wellbeing Service on MyPort, including a range of self-help resources.