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Welcome to the UK

Discover the activities and events taking place to help you settle into life in the UK

Stepping into a new course in a new country is an opportunity to embrace new passions, make new friends and make the most of your time as an international student.

As well as university-wide activities for you to experience, you can take part in our International Orientation programme. Take part in orientation in person, online or on-demand.

We are really excited to welcome you to Portsmouth, whether you are here with us in person or joining us online from overseas to begin with. 

Please note that the programme is subject to change due to Covid-19 and the Government regulations


International Orientation events are in two main themes – use them to help you plan your events diary and spot the events most important to you.

Student life

Discover the opportunities available to you outside study by exploring societies, new hobbies and Portsmouth.

Support and guidance

Attending support and guidance events will help you get set up and prepared for the new year ahead.

In-Person Orientation: 26 – 30 January

Take part in face-to-face events and activities during orientation week to meet students from all over the world and the UK. Explore Portsmouth through city tours and get a taste of English life in our Introduction to British Culture workshops, afternoon tea socials and seafront tours with fish and chips.

You need to register for these events via the links below.

Students on a treasure hunt

29 January

Sports Events TBC

All Day: City Centre walking tours 

3.00pm: Movie afternoon - British Classic Movie

Rooftops of Southsea

30 January 

Orientation Live Online: 25 – 30 January

We have an exciting programme of webinars and online events to help you get started at Portsmouth – we really encourage you attend these webinars.

There is a series of "Be Culture Smart" webinars for you to attend, to help you build your confidence, get motivated and be brilliant. We also have an exciting series of virtual socials to help you get to know other students and settle in.

Register for these events by following the links in the timetable below.

Your virtual event timetable

Female student at laptop

Tuesday 25 January

11:00am: Academic Expectations in the UK (Be Culture Smart with Kynfolk – Online Student Series)

Wednesday 26 January

Thursday 27 January

Friday 28 January 

Saturday 29 January 

Sunday 30 January 

Tuesday 25 January 

12.00pm: Business and Law International Student Induction (PLEASE NOTE: This is for students in the faculty of Business and Law ONLY)

Virtual help desk: 26 - 30 January

If you require any help, we will be hosting a virtual help desk daily, from 10.00am – 2.00pm daily.

Visit the help desk

Orientation On Demand Online

We understand  you may miss a session or not be able to attend an event because of the time difference between the UK and your home country.

Do not worry – we have created 'Orientation On Demand', where you can catch up on webinars, presentations and workshops, and access virtual campus tours, fitness classes and fun games and activities to help you get to know Portsmouth. 

Walking campus tour
Follow students across campus

Students, Amy (BA (Hons) Photography) and Joel (BSc (Hons) Business and Information Systems), take you on a full tour of campus, highlighting how close all our buildings, student halls and student services are within the city.

Amy Welcome to the University of Portsmouth walking campus tour. My name is Amy and I'm a second-year photography student.

Joel My name is Joel. I'm a third-year student studying Business Information Systems. Now, let's follow me.

Joel Here we have three halls. So the first one is Greetham Street, then Margaret Rule and Chaucer House.

Amy And Greetham Street is the really tall yellow one that you can see has a viewing platform of the whole of Portsmouth. It's really nice.

Amy Here is Portsmouth and Southsea train station. It has great transport links around the city and you can get to London in just an hour and a half.

Joel Here we have Commercial Road, known as 'city centre', where we have the high street shops. On my right, we have another halls of residence known as Catherine House. It's one of our largest and newest halls of residence. They also do social activities, during Halloween they do trick or treating.

Amy We're now heading to Park Building. Follow me.

Joel Welcome to Park Building, the home of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and we have Politics, International Relations and Languages.

Amy You can choose to learn from eight different languages alongside your university degree, such as Mandarin and British sign language, which I take at the moment.

Joel Now, follow me.

Amy Here, we're outside the White Swan Building, which is the home of Drama, Performance and Musical Theatre.

Joel If you study Television and Broadcasting, they provide a green screen studio.

Amy And whilst we're here, this is Rosalind Franklin halls of residence. Anyway, on with the tour.

Amy These two buildings are for the Faculty of Science and Health.

Joel And this is Rosalind Franklin West and if you study health-related degrees, they provide mock operating theatres and radiography suites.

Amy And in St. Michael's, you'll find Biomedical Science degrees and Pharmacy, with state of the art labs.

Joel Continuing from the Faculty of Science and Health, we're at the King Henry Building, where they provide School of Biological Sciences and Psychology.

Amy Part of the Faculty, we also have a Marine Biology degree which is situated in our Eastney campus.

Amy Welcome to Anglesea Building, the home of the Faculty of Technology.

Joel They provide courses such as Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering. We have a School of Law also here.

Amy They have a mock law court situated inside.

Joel Follow us onto the Northern Quarter.

Amy If you continue this way, you'll get to Gunwharf Quays.

Amy Welcome to Northern Quarter.

Joel This is the Dennis Sciama Building. It's the home of the Institution of Cosmology and Gravitation. We also have a hub cafe and they do some amazing hot chocolate.

Amy And just behind us, we have Burnaby Building, which is the home of Earth and Environment Sciences and it also has an Engineering degree.

Joel I'm at Richmond Building at the Faculty of Business and Law. It has the largest lecture theatre and during my first year, I spent most of my time in this lecture theatre.

Amy We also have the Bloomberg Suite, which is the mock stock-exchange facility.

Amy Welcome to Portland Building. It's the home of Civil Engineering and Surveying degrees and it has a large open-access IT suite for all students to use.

Joel Here, we have the Future Technology Centre, one of our newest buildings. At the ground floor, we have the global centre. On the first floor, we have large group presentations where they have large TV screens as well. On the second floor, you have personal computer suites and they have some cosy booths. And on the top floor, they have business networking suites.

Amy Lovely. And onto Lion Gate and Buckingham Building.

Joel We're at Lion Gate, the Department of Mathematics, where they provide Maths Cafe and help you with one-to-one support and group support as well. I've had a previous experience where I've got loads of one-to-one support with my coursework and assignments, and also you can rent out laptops as well.

Amy And here's Buckingham Building, with the Department of Geography and the School of Computing. And they have a forensic computing lab inside.

Joel Follow us to the Milldam Building, the last stop of the Northern Quarter.

Joel We're at the Milldam Building, the School of Area Studies, History, Politics and Literature, and if you study Journalism, there's also a journalism newsroom.

Amy Here, you'll also find the University on-campus nursery, where spaces are primarily reserved for students with children.

Amy Welcome to the University Library. During term time, the library is open 24/7. It is where you'll find the majority of students. There are computer rooms that are bookable for group sessions and there's a large open-access computer suite for all students to use. There are also laptops available for loans for up to 24 hours.

Joel We have the new Ravelin Sports Centre. Once it's finished, you will have a 25-metre swimming lane and climbing walls and ski simulations.

Amy Welcome to Ravelin House, the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Joel The University of Portsmouth has a partnership with Hampshire Constabulary, where they provide placements for students and also graduate jobs. St George's Building, it's also a building where they do Criminology, as well.

Amy And just behind us, we have William Beatty Building, which is the Dental Academy where students practise in professional clinics with phantom heads.

Joel Welcome to the Student Union. They provide services such as advice and support for students.

Amy There are also over 200 student-led societies.

Joel I'm part of the Bollywood Society and we have weekly practises and we perform at cultural events.

Amy And it's also the home of Third Space, which is a large study social area. And there's also the University shop, which sells University hoodies that everyone wants.

Joel Now follow us onto Nuffield Centre.

Amy Nuffield Centre is home to Academic Skills, the University Student Finance Centre, Student Wellbeing and the MyPort Hub.

Joel Also, additional support and disability services, Student Housing and faith services as well.

Tati The Nuffield Centre is also home to the Global Team. They provide support to our international and EU students with everything from arrival programmes, visa advice and extensions. They also offer opportunities to engage with exchanges, study abroad and summer schools for all students of the university.

Amy And right next door, we have the University Surgery. Top-tip advice is to register with a doctor when you get to the University.

Joel Behind me is the Spinnaker Building. It's the heart of sports-related degrees.

Amy And right next door is the Spinnaker Sports Centre, which you can have over 50 classes per week. And there's a large sports hall where we can play a variety of sports, such as badminton.

Joel Now follow us onto Eldon Building.

Joel On my left, we have the University House. On my right-hand side, we have the Careers and Employability Service, they help students with placements, part-time jobs, internships and also graduate jobs and finding volunteering services as well.

Amy Welcome to Eldon Building, it's the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, and it's where my degrees take place. Inside, there's an art shop, CCI TV and the radio station.

Joel On my left, we have another hall of residence. It's known as Trafalgar Halls, it's recently been refurbished. Now follow me to Harry Law and Bateson.

Amy These are the last two halls on our tour. On my right, we have Harry Law and on my left we have Bateson.

Joel Now, let's go back to Guildhall where we started.

Amy And now we're back at the Guildhall, which is the centre of the city, and it's where you'll graduate after your time here at university. If you've got any more questions for us, head to the University of Portsmouth website.

Joel Thanks for joining us.

International Students Welcome
Watch our welcome video for new international students

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Graham Galbraith, welcomes new international students to the University of Portsmouth for 2021/22, with an outline of what to expect for the months ahead.

I'm Graham Galbraith, and as Vice Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth, it's my great pleasure to welcome you to this fantastic university. I am confident that very quickly you will love this city as your home for the coming months and years.

Choosing a university is, of course a big decision and I am certain that you have made the right choice. I'd like to thank you for choosing us and entrusting us to deliver the highest quality learning and support, and the very best student experience in our vibrant city by the sea.

You have navigated a difficult year, completing your school and college education, largely online, while working in trying circumstances while you prepare for university. You've shown resilience and dedication to get to this point, all qualities that will hold you in good stead for the years ahead.

I'm sure you have many questions about the start of your studies. We will do our very best to answer them, and provide you with what you need to make the transition to university as easy as possible. After the challenges of the last year it is exciting to have university life back to normal with all the benefits of in-person teaching, which we know students value so highly.

I do want to reassure you that if circumstances and government guidelines around COVID change, we will always do our utmost to keep you safe, connected and educated, as we have done with your fellow students over the past year.

And I'm sure you'll be feeling excited but with some nerves as well. This is perfectly natural and something that all students feel, even me when I was an undergraduate a long time ago, although it just feels like yesterday. I'm certain, though, that your time at university really can be among the best years of your life, with memories that last a lifetime.

You are now part of the University of Portsmouth community, a vibrant and inclusive community that values diversity in all its forms and that supports and encourages each other, doing all it can to help you to succeed.

We know that some of you may not be able to join us in person straight away due to travel restrictions, but we look forward to welcoming you when you do arrive in this friendly city, and hope that you will make the most of the blended learning that we are able to offer you.

Your journey as a member of our global community starts here.

Welcome to the University Students’ Union
Introduction to the Students' Union

Find out about how the Students' Union represents you, and how you can get involved! From paid and volunteer roles, academic representation and sports and social clubs, the Students' Union has something for everyone.

Welcome to The University of Portsmouth Students’ Union! Or as we’re more commonly known, UPSU or the Union! 

When you start at Portsmouth, you automatically get the right to join an association of students. Giving you access to a number of services and opportunities throughout your University experience.

Your Student Union is here to ensure your time at University is exactly what you want it to be. Through the Union, you can access life-changing opportunities, get support to make life easier and make sure that your student voice is empowered! 

Each year we let you vote on who leads the Union in our student Elections.

UPSU is led by 5 Elected Officers, each representing your views in a particular area. These areas are: Academic Representation, Democracy & Campaigns, Development, Learning Experience and Welfare.

The officers all work closely with other Union staff and the University to make a positive change for Portsmouth students like you!

We know that nothing’s perfect, so if there’s something that matters to you we want to help you campaign for change.

Give your voice real power! Our Have Your Say platform allows you to put forward your ideas for change and get support from other students. Get enough support then your idea will be discussed at a senior University meeting!

Got some feedback? We want to hear that too! Through our StART platform, you can tell us what you think about any aspect of your University experience. We take a regular look at the responses to see how everything is going for you.

Being away from home is an opportunity to experience new things. 

Looking to meet those with similar interests and beliefs? With our student groups, there’s sure to be something for everyone! We have interests, cultural & religious groups that will be the perfect place for you to build your own community in Portsmouth!

At the Union, we understand that some policies & procedures can be confusing and contain some complex language. We also know, now more than ever, that circumstances can change, and that shouldn’t get in the way of your education.

Our Advice service is on hand to make sure you know where you stand and what options you have. 

Empowering you to achieve the best academic outcome, no matter what your circumstances may be.

Make the most of your time in Portsmouth, there's lots to do and see in your seaside city! Get involved and feel part of something bigger...

In-Sessional English: An Introduction
English language development

In-Sessional English is a programme designed to enhance the English language abilities of students alongside their studies.

Speaker 1 As a student at the University of Portsmouth, you will find that you are part of an international community of learning with students and teaching staff from more than 150 countries all around the world, some on-campus in Portsmouth, others learning by distance and online. As an international community, the University of Portsmouth, therefore, has many students who use English as an additional, second or foreign language during their studies and for their assessments, for their reports or essays, for example, or in presentations and taking part in seminar discussions. Therefore, the University of Portsmouth has ISE, the In-Sessional English programme in academic language and communication. ISE offers you a chance to build your confidence in using English for your academic studies. The ISE programme also offers you practical advice on the English language skills you will need to find your way through your studies at a UK university. ISE has 13 modules to choose from, seven modules focus on written communication and six modules on spoken communication. Each ISE module focuses on a different aspect of academic language and communication. For example, taking effective notes, writing reports, giving presentations, using suitable phrases and sentence structures and so on. Most ISE modules have one seminar per week for five weeks of study, one module for postgraduate students only is 10 weeks. ISE modules are open to any student from the University of Portsmouth. As some modules are online, this means distance learning and online students can also take part. ISE modules are optional and free of charge, however, places are limited, so it is necessary to book a place. To find out more information on what ISE modules you can take and how you can sign up, go to MyPort, then in the top right corner, find the Article Hub tab and click on that. On the Article Hub, type ISE into the search window, and that will take you to the In-Sessional English page. There you will see more about ISE and what modules you can take. You will also find a link to the registration form. Once there, you will need your student number, your full name, that's your first name and surname, the name of your degree course, and then information about the ISE module you want to take. And if you have any other questions, this is our e-mail Good luck with your studies this year.

International Orientation Programme Welcome Presentation | September 2021
Helpful information about the UK

Welcome to the University of Portsmouth. We have put together some helpful information about travelling to the UK, what to expect at the University and all the services and support that we offer.

Welcome to the University of Portsmouth, we've put together this presentation for those of you that are not able to join us in person because you're either yet to travel to the U.K. or because you're in self isolation or quarantine in the U.K.

We're going to start the presentation by talking about the rules around travel to the U.K. and then we'll talk more about your time at the university and what to expect.

So, as I said, we're going to talk about travelling to the UK first. So we recommend that you only apply for your visa when you know that you will be able to travel as your visa sticker will only be valid for up to 90 days.

And if that expires, you would need to apply for a replacement and pay one hundred and fifty four pounds for this.

So we do hope that you can all get here as soon as you can.

Teaching will be available online for most courses.

For those of you on certain courses, that won't be possible.

And you might need to contact your department if you're not able to join by the latest start date.

So if you're travelling to the U.K. before the fourth of October, please make sure you check the rules because countries and territories are listed as either red, amber or green.

And this means there are different rules for testing and quarantine when you arrive in England.

If you have been in a red list country in the 10 days before you arrive in England, you must quarantine for 10 full days in a managed quarantine facility.

Before you travelled to England, you must book and pay for a quarantine package which includes your hotel, quarantine, transport, covid-19 testing on day two and on day eight.

If you arrive from an amber country, you will be required to self isolate in your own accommodation and your travel test package will include a test on both data and date.

If you're fully vaccinated under vaccination programmes in the U.K., Europe or the USA, you may not be required to self isolate.

The information about acceptable vaccine programmes can be found on

And if you arrive from a green country, you will not have to self isolate on arrival.

And your travel test package will only include a test on day 2.

Please make sure that you complete all the necessary documentation and test package applications before you travel.

So do make sure to check for all the information about what you need to do before you travel.

There will be changes on the 4th of October, so if you are travelling after the 4th of October and come from a red list country or travel through a red list country in the last 10 days, you will need to follow the rules, whether you are fully, partially or not vaccinated at all.

And before you travel to England, you must take a pre departure covid test, as you would do before the 4th of October.

This must be taken in the three days before you travel.

Book the quarantine hotel package, including the two covid tests, complete the passenger locator form in the 48 hours before you arrive in England.

And you will quarantine in a managed hotel, including the two covid tests as part of the package.

You must follow the rules of this, whether you vaccinated or not.

And for those of you that are not vaccinated and are not on the red list, you must follow the rules below.

If you don't qualify under the fully vaccinated, rules are partially vaccinated or not vaccinated at all.

So you'll need to take the pre departure covid test in the three days before you travel, book and pay for the day two and day eight covid-19 tests to be taken when you arrive in England and complete the passenger locator form any time in the 48 hours before you arrive in England.

After you arrive in England, you must quarantine at home or in the place you are staying for 10 days, take the covid-19 test on day two and day eight, you may be able to end the quarantine early if you if you pay for a private covid-19 test through the test to release scheme.

If you are fully vaccinated in the last 14 days under an approved vaccination programme in the U.K., Europe, US or a U.K. vaccine programme overseas, you will be able to arrive in the UK and only book and pay for a day 2 covid-19 test and complete the passenger locator form.

You don't need to take a pre departure test. You don't need to take the day eight covid-19 test and you don't need to quarantine for 10 days.

The details of the vaccinations can be seen on the screen.

And there's also more information on the website.

So in order to prove that you have been fully vaccinated for 14 or more days, you will need a document that's either digital or paper based from your national or state level public health body that includes your full name, date of birth, brand and vaccine and manufacturer date of vaccination for each dose and the country or territory of vaccination and all the certificate issuer.

If your document from a public health body does not include all of these, then you must follow the rules for people who have not had any vaccinations or have only been partially vaccinated.

If you are fully vaccinated in the US, you will also need to prove that you're a resident of the US.

And if you are fully vaccinated but do not qualify under the fully vaccinated rules, then you must follow the non vaccinated rules.

So after you've travelled to the U.K. and met the requirements of the country from which you're travelling and vaccinated, you'll get to arrive at the university, move into your accommodation and join lots of other students starting their journey with us.

UoP Global is here to support you, and we provide one to one support student visa and immigration advice, information about police registration, social events and excursions, visa letters for visiting other countries outside the U.K,  The We Are Global E newsletter and we have a dedicated reception desk for all your enquiries.

We also have a dedicated exchanges and study abroad team. We're located in the Nuffield Centre, and that's just across from the student's union, right in the middle of campus buildings on the way to the library.

So you'll find us quite easily. The international student advisors are available from 10 a.m. to three p.m. Monday to Friday.

And you can make an appointment to see us in person, by Googlemeet or telephone.

If you need to contact us, you can arrange an appointment by email that's

Please indicate the type of appointment you need and your student number so that we can help you with this.

The International Orientation Programme will be taking place both in-person, on demand and they'll be live virtual events as well.

So for those of you joining the programme, virtually, you'll be able to join the Be Culture Smart sessions, virtual Socials, British culture, budgeting and academic skills workshops virtually, and you'll also be able to access the On-Demand resources such as the campus tour, virtual campus experiences and cultural highlights.

They can all be found on the MyPort pages: Starting at Portsmouth/ International Orientation.

Please do check that out and you'll find out all the information you need and how to join in.

We have the workshops that I mentioned earlier, so Be Culture Smart, the first one of those starts on Thursday, the twenty third of September 11 AM U.K. time.

And it's about academic expectations in the U.K. and Be Culture Smart cultural conversations takes place on Thursday, the 7th of October at 11:00 a.m. U.K. time.

If you aren't able to attend, those sessions will be on Moodle.

And if you are able to attend, you'll be able to book these through our orientation web pages.

Not only do we offer events during orientation at the beginning of the year, but you've also got lots of other social events and activities you can join in with.

Our Students Union will be running a welcome month and it's a chance to join in all sorts of activities, meet new people, find out about the university, student life and how to take part while still studying.

The International Student Advice team also offer social activities across the year.

So we host a number of social events and trips and tours and you can find that on our website at activities.

In addition to that, the university provides comprehensive support and advice for your time at the university.

They range from the academic skills unit, our additional support and disability advise team, chaplaincy In-sessional English, the global cafe where you can meet new people from all around the world.

Every student gets a personal tutor, so you'll be allocated a personal tutor and will meet with them at least once per semester.

The students union have an advice team and there is the Student Wellbeing Service, which provides confidential advice and support for you.

The Nuffield Centre, where the international student advice team are based and UoP Global is based, is in the Nuffield Centre and downstairs from us is the MyPort hub.

And this is the place to find out any general queries, enquiries about graduation, bus timetables, things like that.

And you can contact them at

MyPort is also the name of our student website, and on the site you can access applications such as Moodle, where your course information will be held and your Google mail.

You'll be able to manage your course timetable and update your details, access university services and support and search the article hub if you have a query.

Each faculty also has a hub, so for Business and Law, that's the Richmond hub, for the faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries.

That is the My Port Eldon hub. For those of you in Humanities and Social Sciences, they're divided into two different hubs.

For Area Studies, History, Politics, Literature and Languages and Applied Linguistics, that's the Milldam hub.

And for Criminology and Criminal Justice and Education and Sociology, that is the hub at MyPort St. Georges.

For those of you studying in the faculty of Science and Health, the Schools of Psychology, Biological Sciences, Health and Care Professions and Pharmacy and Biomedical sciences are based at the University Learning Centre Hub, which is MyPort ULC and the Dental Academy, School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science and School of Environment, Geography and Geosciences are based at Myport Anglesey.

For those of you in the faculty of Technology, you will have is at my port Liongate.

So if you haven't done it already, do please make sure that you complete your registration as soon as possible so that you can access all your materials for your course and your course timetable.

So you'll need to activate your student accounts and you do that by creating your universe username, and that's UP followed by your student I.D. number or your applicant number, if you might notice if you have any issues with that, do please contact the service desk. And then you need to register online for your course.

So once your account has been activated, you can log on to your student view and select My Registration at the top of the screen and complete the online registration form.

Information about how to register can be found at

Then you need to complete the valid I.D. check, so when you've completed step two, you'll receive an email about how to complete your ID check.

The I.D. check completes your registration with the university and enables us to confirm who you are on behalf of the university to organisations such as UKVI and some banks.

You'll need to apply for your student card after you've completed step two and you'll receive an email within the next couple of days asking you to apply for your student card.

If you don't receive that email, please visit

You can also update your term time address and mobile phone numbers as part of the registration process.

To collect your BRP, which for those of you who were applying from outside Europe, will be where your visa is shown.

If you've selected the university as the alternative collection location, you will be able to collect your BRP card at the international ID check, which is part of your registration with the university I.D. check.

For students this will start from the twenty seventh of September in third space and you will need to book an appointment as part of the online registration process.

If you have selected the post office, please follow the instructions in your decision letter to collect your BRP.

The university has a commitment to you as your education provider, and when you're studying with us, you have a commitment to us, too.

We call it the SCORE and that spells out Support, Community, Opportunity, Respect and Education.

And this is part of the student handbook.

And it's about working together to help you achieve your goals and become part of an inclusive global and local community and make sure that you've got every opportunity to join in and make the most of your time at the university. 

So we really recommend that you have a look at the student charter and find out more about your contribution to the university and how the university can help you.

As part of your time at the university, if you're on a student visa, the university needs to check your attendance as part of that.

But it's also really good for us to know how you're getting on with your studies, which is one of the reasons why we monitor engagement and attendance.

And this can be done easily by logging in to Moodle to access your learning materials for virtual learning or by swiping your student card at card readers place outside or in your teaching rooms for your face to face sessions.

More information about student attendance monitoring can be found on my port.

If you're not able to attend, do please make sure that you let your faculty know if unable to attend, if you're unwell or you've had an emergency, which means you can't attend.

And this is so that we can make sure that you don't miss out on any of your studies and don't have any issues.

The sooner you can tell us if you're not able to to join sessions, the better.

And for those of you on postgraduate courses, we have some specific resources for you.

There's a post graduate suite in the library, post graduate and mature students network in the students union.

And the graduate school support will provide support and workshops for Mres students.

We also offer free student I.T. training, this is instructor led and online sessions, so as you can see, it covers a wide variety of different areas from Google Drive and Excel to linked-in learning ASDAC assistive technologies and digital skills certificates.

You can find out more at

And during your time at the university, you might want to find part time work or work experience, including volunteering opportunities, and the Careers and Employability service will be able to help you with that.

They also can provide CV and interview guidance for your future career and provide recruitment fairs and an excellent online resource called Going Global, which has over 16 million graduate jobs and internships across the globe.

For those of you on a student visa, you can only work up to 20 hours per week during term time.

And for those of you on postgraduate courses, the summer period will be considered as term time because you will be working on your dissertation.

We've talked a lot about study, but there's also plenty of things for you to do outside your studies.

So we recommend that you get involved with the clubs and societies at the students union.

There are a hundred and fifty sports clubs and societies for all interests, take part in the social events and trips organised by the International Student Advise Team and make sure you make the most of exploring Portsmouth and further afield to discover the U.K. and make sure that you make time to spend time with the new friends that you'll make when you're at the university.

We hope that we will get to meet you soon, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can contact us for general enquiries on And if you have specific questions about visa advice or required general support, please email

Please join our global community on Facebook. It's a really great place to meet new people and find out more about what's happening at the university.

We look forward to meeting you soon, and we hope you enjoy your studies at the University of Portsmouth.

Thank you.

Get to know Portsmouth

Explore the immersive activities provided by local museums, galleries and the City Council to get a feel for Portsmouth – even before you arrive. Now you live in Portsmouth, it's time to live like a Pompey local.

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