You may have encountered or participated in recreational drug use. Drug use can have a long-term effect and an unpredictable impact on your health as you can never be sure what you are taking. A drugs conviction could also make getting started in your chosen career difficult.

You may not realise the possible unwanted psychological side effects or difficulties that can arise through use/abuse of drugs, including dependence or addiction, triggering or worsening of mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression, and the possibility of experiencing a drug-induced psychosis.

If you have experienced any of these side effects, or are concerned about making yourself vulnerable to these difficulties, then it is important to seek appropriate support. It is advisable to consult your GP, in the first instance, and especially if you are feeling persistently low, or if your difficulties are significantly affecting your daily functioning.

You should let your personal tutor or course leader know if you are having difficulties affecting your studies - they are there to help, and can offer useful advice and support.

You could also make use of the resources listed on this page, available via the University, or other local agencies.

Other resources

If you would like to research more around the topic of drugs, the Student Wellbeing Service can recommend the following self-help resources:

Talk to Frank

A highly regarded organisation offering non-judgemental, up-to-date information about a wide range of drugs and substances. You can also call them on 0800 77 66 00 or text 82111

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Cannabis and Mental Health

Royal College of Psychiatrists leaflet providing information on cannabis and its potential impact on mental health.

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Safer Portsmouth Recovery Hub

Access to drug and alcohol support services

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Families Anonymous

A self-help fellowship offering support meetings to help parents, partners, relatives and friends of drug users based on a ‘12-step’ programme.

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Information on pharmacists and when they might be able to help in addition to advice on minor ailments such as bugs and viruses, minor injuries and aches and pains, your local community pharmacy or chemist can provide advice about substance abuse.

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Other self-help resources

Take a look at our other self-help resources.