Graphic Design student Paige is living in Stuttgart, Germany and carrying out a placement with media company local global. Read on to find out about her experience so far…

Tell us a bit about local global…

I work at local global, a small media company based in Stuttgart, Germany. The work is business and economy orientated and they help with three core elements: corporate publishing/events, exhibitions/marketing and media.

What’s your role?

My position in the company is a design intern. I work with print and digital, with the work changing all the time. One week I might be designing a website the next a book for a client. I also have input into other areas too such as editing and proof-reading.

What have you learnt so far?

One of the biggest tasks I’ve been assigned whilst working at local global was to update their website and promotional materials. This really helped to develop my skills within web design because I didn’t have tons of experience in this area before. I now feel confident using WordPress to develop an idea from sketches to a fully functioning website.

Something else I’ve learnt whilst on placement is to get stuck in and try out all of my ideas. At university, I would often delay making a final piece etc. because I was too busy trying out every single idea and was worried it wouldn’t turn out the way I wanted. I’ve realised how to just put my best ideas forward and change anything along the way, which is much more time-efficient.

What’s been your highlight so far?

My highlight would have to be living abroad. Although daunting, it’s been amazing to go out in my free time to see Germany and experience a different culture.

What are you working on next?

I have some new projects approaching; a new website design for a client and publishing work (magazines and a book.) The work is constantly changing so I never feel stuck on one task.

What would you say to any student considering doing a placement?

I struggled to find experience outside of University, so a placement year is so valuable for when you’re finished and applying for graduate roles. I would say just go for it. If you’ve worked hard at Uni and put in the effort, it won’t be a struggle adjusting to work life for a year. It’s just about applying what you’ve already learnt, which is very rewarding when you see the final outcome for a real client.