12 January 2021

4 min read

Portsmouth students share their top study tips ahead of the assessments period.

A little while ago, we asked members of our student Facebook group what their best study tips were. With assessments coming up, and perhaps you’re getting used to a new study environment at home, it seemed like a good time to share these in the hope they help provide some motivation.

1. Plan your time out

“Controlling your schedule and your distractions will help you accomplish your goals,” says Jasmine. Set periods of work, with regular breaks. You might also find it useful to create a revision timetable ahead of your assessments.

2. Use smarter revision techniques

Becca says “I try to use revision cards and notes to revise, but I also like making revision posters of important information.” The OSCAR model can also help you structure your revision so that you make the most of your study time.

3. Turn on airplane mode but put on a good playlist

Many of you step away from your phone because it can draw away your focus. Aleksei says: “I like to completely turn off my phone and make sure nothing distracts me.” Put your phone out of sight, in a bag or another room, and turn it off. But at the same time, some of you like finding a good soundtrack to studying - including low-fi, classical, or other music. Why not try our Chilled study playlist on Spotify?


4. Take regular breaks

Holly says “working for long periods of time is not always the most efficient use of time. Don’t be sat all the time - go for a wander in your break or move to a different location. This can refresh you completely.” 

Many of you use the ‘pomodoro’ technique to time your study sessions and breaks. Pomodoro sessions are 25 minutes long followed by a 5 minute break, with longer breaks of 15-30 minutes after 4 sessions. Adapt the timings to work for you.

5. Recognise your work and reward yourself 

“Work hard but always take a break! Don’t push yourself so hard that you burn out” says Sophie. Reward yourself for doing well – have a small treat once a week and something bigger when you finish an assignment. Breaks are a great treat when you're working well and a good opportunity to look after yourself. 

If you’re feeling stressed by your assessments, try some of our tips for staying well and healthy. And don’t forget to contact your personal tutor or lecturer if you need help.

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