8 July 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating challenging times and you may be worried about money.

If you're a student and are struggling to pay your outstanding fees because of coronavirus, we can help by offering you a payment holiday of up to 3 months. You will still need to pay your fees later - but we can offer a short-term break from payments from July to September 2020. We can also extend your instalment payments. 

Details of how to apply and answers to common questions can be found below. 

Common questions and answers

You will need to return the proposal form to income@port.ac.uk. If you do not apply we will continue to collect payments on your existing payment instalment plan. Please open and complete this form in a separate application, and save it as a new document. Do not complete it in 'preview mode' within your email program. If you do this we will not be able to see what you have entered. If you do not have a PDF-reading application, you can download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.
Yes. It is vital that you contact us to make an arrangement to pay your fees. This can be with instalments starting in October or with reduced instalments initially, increasing when you can depending on your circumstances. If we are not contacted the relevant fee collection policy will continue to be followed so it is important to contact income@port.ac.uk to discuss your fees.
We would need you to provide us with either a recurring card instruction or direct debit instruction to collect the payments. Without this we cannot agree instalment plans. You can set this up - take a look at ways to pay.
You’ll need to have paid your tuition fees before you are due to re-register, or the end date of your registration period if you are not due to re-register. Hall fees would need to be paid before the end of your next registration period.
We have never charged interest and have no intention to do so. You may incur bank charges if a direct debit is returned unpaid by your bank, so it is vital to advise us three working days prior to collection if you do not have funds to cover a payment.
Excluded students may appeal in writing by email to exclusionappeals@port.ac.uk for the lifting of the exclusion. In circumstances when an appeal is successful but the Head of Department decides that it is not academically viable for the student to resume studies in this academic year, the student will be given the option to interrupt their studies or withdraw from the course.
If you are at all concerned about your financial situation or want to chat through your particular circumstances, please email our Student Finance team at studentfinance@port.ac.uk. If you are an international student you can also contact our Global team at global@port.ac.uk. You may also refer to other guidance on the dedicated page for advice regarding the Coronavirus.
We’d ask you to contact us and set up an instalment payment instruction with a plan to pay your fees. We understand that circumstances may change and we can review plans as and when required.
Yes. Please return the books and we will cancel the invoice when we receive the books. Please contact us at income@port.ac.uk to confirm you are doing this and keep any receipts of postage.
Email income@port.ac.uk quoting your Student ID, with your mobile number and we can arrange for a member of our team to contact you and discuss your options.