8 December 2020

2 min read

All students have had their Zoom accounts upgraded to a premium service by the University.

You’ll now have unlimited time in meetings, breakout rooms, and cloud recording (with up to 14 days storage) thanks to the newly-added premium version of Zoom. 

To access Zoom via your University account, register via https://port-ac-uk.zoom.us.

Access Zoom now

Also following feedback from students, your preferred names in Zoom stay with you between meetings. Once you’ve changed how your name appears in Zoom it will stay that way unless you change it.

So if you want to do project work with your fellow students, hold a society meeting, a quiz or simply catch up with distant family over the Christmas break, you can use Zoom. You might also find it useful to familiarise yourself with Zoom and keeping safe online

Support is provided by the University's IS department, so if you have any questions contact them via Service Desk.