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Get money-confident during this week of events

26 October 2022

4 min read

Join the campaign: open up about money, understand what support is available and learn how to boss your finances.

  • Learn how credit works and start taking control of your credit score
  • Fraud: learn about money mules and how criminals target students
  • Take on the cost of living crisis and learn more about bossing your finances

If you want to gain confidence about how student loans work, learn about the accessibility of university, the ‘price tag’ myths and how you can prepare yourself to handle the money side of independent living, then you won't want to miss out. Sign up fast as spaces are limited!

Sign up to our events for your chance to win

Earn while you learn: register for one or more of our Talk Money Week events and you'll be in with a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher. All you have to do is provide feedback from the sessions and you'll be entered into the prize draw.

Take control of your credit – Tuesday 8 November

Leading UK credit reference agency TransUnion will deliver a session on how credit works, credit scores and how decisions can impact your financial well-being now and in the future. Learning about credit now will set yourself up for financial success later.

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Crooks on Campus – Thursday 10 November

A vital webinar on how you can avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Students are often targeted by fraudsters and this session will give you some invaluable information on how to keep your money safe.

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Uni Dosh workshop! – Friday 11 November

We are delighted to welcome Laura Ellis from MyBNK, who will be delivering an exciting and jam-packed workshop covering student finance, banking, employment, tax, and the importance of budgeting when living independently.

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What is Talk Money Week?

Talk Money Week is an annual public awareness campaign to get the nation having conversations about money. The week is an opportunity for you to open up and have conversations about money which is especially hard at the moment with the cost of living crisis. Talk Money Week will be taking place from 7 to 11 November 2022 and this year’s theme will focus on ‘credit’ and the ‘cost of living’ crisis. We want to help you understand how credit works, demystify some of the jargon, build your understanding of credit products, understand how credit scoring works and hints and tips to help you manage your money. We want to encourage you to talk about any aspect of money.

So why is it good to talk about money?

Research shows that people who talk about money:

  • make better and less risky financial decisions
  • have stronger personal relationships
  • help their children form good lifetime money habits
  • feel less stressed or anxious and more in control