25 February 2020

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See your classmates on the stage at this week's performances of the satirical comedy Orpheus in the Underworld at the New Theatre Royal.

Over 100 students are performing in the Dramatic and Musical Society production which runs from Thursday 27 February to Sat 29 February. The cast and crew includes students from across all five faculties at the University. Orpheus in the Underworld is famous for its finale, the original can-can dance.

Orpheus in the Underworld will be at Portsmouth’s New Theatre Royal from 27 - 29 February. Tickets are available through the box office on 023 9264 9000 or online.

The full cast is listed below, if you want to find the name of your classmates.

Cast and crew

In order of appearance
Public Opinion, a symbolic character Alice Dunne
Eurydice, wife of Orpheus Megan Dutton
Orpheus, a composer and violinist Jake Warner
Pluto, God of the Underworld
(first seen disguised as Aristeus, a bee-keeper)
Kyle Oakley
Cupid, son of Venus Lucy Cullum
Venus, Goddess of Love Lizzie Hughes
Jupiter, Father of the Gods Peter Ashdown-Knights
Diana, Goddess of Hunting Xena Mendez
Apollo, God of the Sun Luke Feechan
Juno, wife of Jupiter Sara Shuhaiber
Mars, God of War Alfie Redman
Hebe, Cupbearer to the Gods Phoebe Gaunt
Mercury, Messenger of the Gods Luc Ray
Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom Natalie Pedro
John Styx, servant of Pluto Rhys Jones
Bacchus, God of Wine Cerys Coppins

Chorus of gods, goddesses, and bacchantes

Aurora Abruzzini Charlie Knewman Sapphire Rance
Tilly Andrews Rika Kojima Bianca Rayne
Sam Barker Emily Lloyd Dionne Royal
Mina Bertsch Alexandra Marshall Matt Rudkin
Joshua Boughton Emily Martin Leia Salter
Eve Calvert Abigail Monaghan Lily Scannell-Curtis
Andrea Fumagalli Willow Nicholas Kirsty Smith
Chlöe Gardiner Millie Parr Heather Tingley
Alexis Grey Hannah Pepper Ruth Vidal Franco
Abigail Hebdon Frankie Prakash Megan Winstanley
Ella Hickman

Colin Jagger, conductor
Matthew Joslin & Dan Morris, orchestra managers

Violin 1
Tarek Zaidieh, leader
Matthew Joslin
Imogen deAntiquis Spence
Dan Morris
Elliot Whatson

Violin 2
Liz Saunders, principal
Megan Barsted
Megan Stock
Mat Remani
Yang Xiao
Vojtech Farek
Kunwar Siddharth

Peter Burke, principal
Justin Lai

Rod McDonald, principal
Matt Holmes
Delphinie McCarthy
Maria Laranjeira

Perri Seymour, principal

Briony Cook
Edward Spooner-Lillingston

David Basson

Lizi Swann
Cristian Munteanu
Adam Furze

Summer Perry

Anežka Harasimová
Yixuan Chou
Jacob Tussler

Pete Stevenson
Zoe Aubert

John Mason

Charlie Smith