31 May 2019

1 min read

Here are some things to think about if you are moving out of your student accommodation and heading home this summer, to make sure you get your deposit back stress-free:

  1. Clean everything– The bathroom, hobs, freezer, carpets...it isn' the most fun job in the world but the more you restore your room/house/flat back to its original state the more you should get back from your deposit.
  2. Put all your rubbish out on collection day before you move out so that none is left behind for the landlord or next tenants to sort out.
  3. Don't leave anything behind– do a sweep of your place before you leave, checking under beds and sofas.
  4. Arrange an inspection of the property to discuss any works/repairs with the landlord, so you have time to attend to any issues before you move out.
  5. Return keys to the landlord or letting agency on time.
  6. Inform utility companies of your leaving date and pay any bills up to the end of the tenancy.

Your deposit should be in a deposit scheme and the landlord will contact you with how much they think should be deducted. Once you and your housemates have agreed on this with the landlord you will get instructions on how to get your deposit back, and then you are free to enjoy the rest of your summer.

For more advice you can contact Student housing on the following:

Tel: 023 9284 3214
Email: student.housing@port.ac.uk
Facebook: UoPStudentHousing