Dancers at Global Week 2019

Join us at Global Week

An annual programme of events celebrating global culture

Welcome to Global Week 2024!

Global Week is our annual celebration of global culture and international diversity at the University of Portsmouth and within our beautiful City. 

We have an exciting programme for Global Week 2024. More details coming soon!


Festival of Cultures 2023

Global Week 2023 | 13-19 March

Video showing events and exhibitions planned for Global Week 2019 (13-19 March)

Global Week 2023 Programme


These events were held online

In Person

These events were held in person

Global Week Events Programme 2023

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Monday 13 March

11.00am - Global Rocks

11.00am - Don't be a Victim of Fraud - Staff and Students

1.00pm - Global Quiz - Staff and Students

3.00pm - "Global Me" Workshop

5.00pm - Global Horror: Seasonal Terror - Students only

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Tuesday 14 March

9.00am - Dual Degrees with Edith Cowan University: A How and Why staff guide

11.00am - Russian Language Taster: Get Going in Russian!

12.00pm - University of Sanctuary

2.00pm - LEGO: Serious Play

3.00pm - Eliminating Discrimination in Portsmouth: A Community Approach

4.00pm - Global Graduates for Global Business

7.00pm - Community Volleyball

Students sat with coffee mugs around a table in a cafe

Wednesday 15 March

9.00am - Arabic Language Taster

10.00am - Mandarin Language Taster

12.00pm - Global Bake Off - SAH Faculty Office - Faculty of Science and Health Staff Only

2.00pm - International Tea - Where do you think I come from?

2.00pm - Songs of Home Workshop

2.00pm - Cornish Language Taster: Kernewek a'gas dynnergh

2.00pm - Sketchnoting: creative notetaking for students - Students only

3.00pm - Welsh Language Taster: Croeso i'r Gymraeg!

3.00pm - Rootical Folklore Workshop

7.00pm - Songs of Home Workshop

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Thursday 16 March

11.00am - Don't be a Victim of Fraud - Staff and Students

12.00pm - Festival of Cultures: Exhibition - no need to book, just turn up! - Ravelin Sports Centre

3.00pm - Songs of Home Workshop

4.00pm - Cricket: 'The slow-paced, fast-growing Global Game'

6.00pm - Festival of Cultures: Performance Showcase - no need to book, just turn up! - Third Space, Students' Union

Yellow tape with 'Crime scene - do not enter' text on it

Friday 17 March

11.00am - Say My Name: Names and Culture

11.00am - Italian Language Taster

12.00pm - Murder on the Green: Murder Scene Uncovered

5.00pm - Community Volleyball

7.00pm - Songs of Home Circle Performance

8.00pm - Songs of Home Workshop

female student in traditional east asian dress

Saturday 18 March

11.00am - Songs of Home Workshop

2.00pm - Songs of Home Circle Performance

3.00pm - Songs of Home Workshop

7.00pm - Songs of Home Circle Performance

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Sunday 19 March

11.30am - Songs of Home Workshop

12.00pm - Holi Colour Run - Staff and Students only

Week Long Events

Global Buddies - Students only

Edith Cowan University (ECU), Western Australia; UniCaen, France, Halmstad University, Sweden; and the University of Portsmouth (UoP), UK work closely together to deliver a number of dual degrees.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, will be to exchange information with 1 of the other 7.874 billion human occupants of Earth. These have been challenging times and so the Global Buddy (students studying at ECU, UniCaen, Halmstad, and UoP) you will be paired or grouped with could be addressing situations you know nothing about.

Before the event, you will be sent details about how you can contact your anonymous Global Buddy. Between you, you will agree on when you will exchange information such as messages, pictures and audio & visual recordings – you will be given details about how you can do this.

You will then be sent simple daily tasks for the 5 days between Monday 13th and Friday 17th March. You will exchange with your buddy/ies only. The purpose of this challenge is to develop your cross-cultural communication skills, gain unique insight into each other’s worlds and whether they differ or seem the same, and hopefully, make new friends.

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A daily food offer based on a variety of cultures and tastes available in all coffee shops on campus.