Co-founder and CEO of

Tom Farrugia

Be somebody, who makes everybody feel like somebody. 

Excited to give back some knowledge I have gathered from my 10-year career as an entrepreneur. With the right support channels and mentors, anything is possible. With hard work and consistency (on the right things) you will soon reach your goals.

Tom Farrugia, Co-founder and CEO of

Tom is an agile, motivated, and innovative business leader, excelling in many industries but generally always in operations.

As a serial entrepreneur, Tom has worked in property development, chemical manufacturing, import and export, outsourcing and now tech. Throughout his career, he has set up businesses and lived in other countries such as Asia and the USA. In doing this he has experience in managing hundreds of people of a variety of different cultures.

Tom is a firm believer in trying out as many things as possible during your teens and 20s until you find “THE ONE”.

Based in Southsea, Tom now produces a podcast, is a dyslexic thinker and values health and wellness.

Tom Farrugia can offer particular expertise in:

  • Operations: starting and building

  • Communication and service - to staff, leadership teams and your customers

  • Building systems and processes

  • Building the right team

  • Sales and negotiations (B2B, B2C)

  • Property development and investment, company acquisitions, manufacturing, import/export, outsourcing, software (SAAS & Marketplaces)

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