Ousmane Drame - CEO of URBOND

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“It’s an honour and privilege to be part of the EIR programme. As a Portsmouth University graduate myself, I am thrilled to have been able to utilise my skills to set up URBOND. It is my absolute pleasure to give something back to the University as a token of appreciation. To be helping and supporting the next generation of UK entrepreneurs is a great opportunity and I am looking forward to supporting all those who can benefit from my experience.”

Ousmane Drame, CEO

Ousmane Drame is the founder and CEO of URBOND, a charitable organisation advancing racial harmony, equality and diversity, and driving opportunities for the youth and their future. It also helps children access education in areas where they otherwise would not be able to.

Ousmane founded URBOND in 2013. The primary purpose of URBOND was to help the local community thrive by bringing different people together. The company soon helped individuals and groups access support, tackling key issues as a community and seeing people work together from all walks of life. 

Further to this success, Ousmane set up a Youth Development Programme to help young people experience diversity, learn skills and find their place in the world. 

Working both domestically and internationally, URBOND run a Child Education Programme in the Republic of Guinea to help improve primary schooling in deprived areas. Ousmane leads an annual volunteer trip to the Republic, where the recent construction of a library and computer room is benefiting thousands monthly. The voluntary team also leads essential workshops on these trips. 

As an enthusiastic, motivated and multi-lingual Business Administration graduate with significant leadership skills, Ousmane has driven change through the set-up of URBOND. The organisation continues to grow year-on-year and bring even more people together.

Ousmane Drame offers particular expertise in: 

  • Starting, building and sustaining non-profit organisations 
  • Project management
  • Direct marketing 
  • Digital marketing
  • Sales
  • Coaching

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