Chief Executive Officer of The Verity Centre (15) LTD

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Marianne Withers

I was extremely pleased and rather chuffed to be asked to join the EiR Programme. My whole career has been about developing people to go above and beyond. Therefore I am very excited and cannot wait for this all to begin.

Marianne Withers, Chief Executive Officer

Marianne Withers is the CEO of The Verity Centre, a tech empowered, specialist, boutique contact centre founded in 2021.

The Verity Centre is about a fresh, respectful and innovative approach to the customer journey. The company takes pride in delivering exceptional results through co-creative communication and their culture is about high quality, innovation and being pragmatic.

The culture and ethos is at the heart of the company and their people. One of their Core Values is about staff being themselves. They believe that the team should feel comfortable and have one persona. The personal you, and the work you, should be one you – yourself.

The company was founded by Marianne Withers, CEO. Marianne is a known leader in the contact centre industry with over 30 years’ experience. She offers valuable knowledge and expertise, with a youthful, inventive, and excitable approach to technology led solutions.

Marianne worked her way up to UK Operations Director for one of the leading BPO outsourcers, and moved into Operational and Technology Consultancy for several years. She then set up as Chief Operational Officer for a specialist outsourcer for 6 years and in 2021, decided to establish The Verity Centre.

Marianne Withers can offer particular expertise in:

  • Operations, finance, IT, compliance, HR, recruitment and quality
  • OMNI channel – customer experience
  • Voice – people, communication and training
  • Dialler and data management
  • Analytics
  • Technology

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