Bulk mail process

It is necessary for Information Services to have a process for enabling bulk mail because Google mail have daily and hourly sending limits to prevent scam email campaigns through their services.

Microsoft Outlook is used to send bulk mail because it allows Information Services to specify its own infrastructure for outgoing mail instead of google, therefore, enabling control over sending limits. While this can be achieved with other email clients, Microsoft Outlook is readily available to all University of Portsmouth staff members using a Microsoft Windows machine and is familiar to a high proportion of Microsoft Office users.


Requesting bulk mail

If you are requesting bulk mail for a shared mailbox, it is expected that you will already have delegate access provided by the account owner. To request an email account to have bulk mail set up, please click on the form below:

Bulk mail request form

After access has been set up by Information Services, it is then requested that you begin a chat session so that Microsoft Outlook can be configured for the account specified.


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