This article provides information about the Speak UP Step Up campaign and a link to the Report and Support tool.

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Speak UP Step UP Campaign

The Speak UP Step UP Campaign builds upon the culture of dignity and respect that we always strive to uphold at the University of Portsmouth. The campaign is supported by University of Portsmouth Students’ Union.

The campaign encourages students to recognise that they have an active role to play in promoting and maintaining a culture of dignity and respect. There are three connecting issues being addressed by the campaign: Bullying and harassment; Sexual violence and sexual consent; Discrimination and hate crime

To play your part in the campaign you can ‘speak up and step up’ by:

  • Using the Report and Support tool to record any experience of harassment, bullying, violence or discrimination that you have experienced or witnessed.
  • Learning more about being an 'active bystander' - e.g. Completing the Speak UP Step UP introductory leadership training.
  • Taking the Welcome Ambassador pledge to uphold the University's Student Charter and be a role model in the way you treat yourself and others with respect.
  • Developing your leadership portfolio to become a Speak UP StepUP Champion - email to express your interest.


Report and Support Tool

The University is committed to fostering an inclusive culture where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Report and Support is an anonymous tool to record any incident or situation that falls short of this aim so the University is made aware of the experiences of students.

The form is not a formal report and no further action will be taken as a result of completing it. You can choose to leave your name and contact details in order to be contacted with confidential advice and support, and can then make a decision about any further action if needed.

The Report and Support page also offers advice, guidance, and support on what to do should you experience bullying and harassment, hate crime, sexual harassment or violence, or any type of unacceptable behaviour.


Leadership and bystander intervention

The most effective way to tackle bullying and harassment is when everyone in a community is committed to ‘speak up and step up’ when they see or hear someone being treated with disrespect. This can be as simple as offering your support to the person, or calling someone else to intervene - the golden rule is to ensure that whatever you do can be done safely. You can also ‘speak up and step up’ by using the Report and Support tool to record any issues you have witnessed.

Many small actions can add up to make a real difference - bystander intervention is not about big, heroic gestures, but about constructive contributions that you feel safe and comfortable to undertake.


Being a Speak UP Step UP Champion

The Speak UP Step UP leadership course equips students to be role models and show leadership in their own sphere of influence. This is especially relevant if you are in a peer-facing role, such as Course Rep, UPSU Committee, Welcome or other Ambassador, Student watch etc. But any student who completes this introductory training can develop the leadership portfolio and apply to be a Speak UP Step UP Champion, putting their learning into practice in specific campaigns or projects.

Speak UP Step UP Champions earn hoodies, are eligible for prizes and awards and have their achievements entered on their HEAR record.

If you are interested to learn more or to apply for training to be a Speak UP Step UP Champion please email



The information collected in the Report and Support tool is used by the University to monitor and benchmark student experiences, attitudes and understanding of the three themes: bullying and harassment, sexual violence and sexual consent, and discrimination and hate crime. We will report back regularly about what has been achieved.

By participating you will help us more effectively address these issues as part of our ongoing commitment to openness, responsibility and trustworthiness in all that we do.



Report and Support Tool - The form is anonymous but you can choose to leave your contact details if you would like to be contacted with confidential support and advice.



  • Student Wellbeing Service: +44 (0)23 9284 3466,, The Bateson Centre
  • Sort It Out conflict resolution service
  • Student Unions’ Advice Service: +44 (0)23 9284 3478,, Student Union Building
  • Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service: +44 (0)23 9266 9513,
  • Police: 101 (or 999 for emergencies)
  • Support after sexual assault: Treetops +44 (0)300 123 6616


University of Portsmouth Student Wellbeing Service Contact Details:

Phone: +44 (0)23 9284 3466


Location: The Bateson Centre, The Mary Rose St, Portsmouth, PO1 2BL

Facebook: UoP Student Wellbeing Service

Twitter: @UoPWellbeing