This article will explain who is responsible for cleaning your living space in Halls of Residence.

You are responsible for cleaning both your room (including en-suite) and your flat.

All residents in the flat are responsible for cleaning the kitchen.

Hall staff are only responsible for cleaning the public areas and for carrying out checks in student flats and rooms to assist you in keeping satisfactory standards of cleanliness and hygiene. They will provide guidance and advice, as well as being able to supply vacuum cleaners and other equipment.

When using shared facilities in kitchens, it is important to keep appliances such as cookers and refrigerators in a clean condition as well as floors, worktops and other surfaces. There are pantries on each floor where you can dispose of your rubbish. There are two bins; recycling and food waste. You are advised to separate your rubbish accordingly.

After using the kitchen, we ask you to work closely with your flatmates to leave it as you would wish to find it. Maintaining a satisfactory standard of cleanliness and hygiene forms part of hall regulations.

Cleaning problems

One of the main causes of problems between halls' residents is the cleanliness of the kitchen. Everyone needs to contribute to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. If the kitchen is not clean enough then it can lead to pests and other various infestation issues. If hall staff consider that residents are not maintaining adequate standards of cleanliness in kitchens, then they will take steps to promote satisfactory standards by providing advice and support on cleaning methods and rotas.

Charges for cleaning if area is not considered clean enough Where the residents of a flat fail to maintain and improve standards, the Assistant Manager Accommodation Services reserves the right to bring the kitchen up to an acceptable standard of hygiene and charge the residents of the flat for reparation of costs. This also applies if individual rooms are found in a dirty condition during room checks or at the end of the stay. Advanced notification of a couple of days is normally given to residents of when their room check will be carried out. Hall staff are concerned with hygiene and factors that could have a permanent effect upon room surfaces and furnishings, and the health and safety of other users. If residents behave negligently in respect to hygiene in food preparation and storage areas which creates an environment that is encouraging to pest infestations, they will be charged for any additional costs to the University for pest control and eradication services resulting from this behaviour

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