This article will explain the payment for damages at halls of residence.

The University will pass on costs to the resident(s) if items in halls of residence have been damaged by resident(s) and have to be repaired or replaced.

The charges may include the cost of disposal, delivery, administration, and other associated costs of remedying the damage. Charges are made at a commercial rate. Any damage charges will be debited from your damage deposit balance.

The basis of charging is that there should be no adverse financial consequences for the University in repairing damage caused by a student, and that the University will not make a profit out of repair charges.

Students who damage halls of residence property will be informed by email about any charges made by the Halls Management team.

You will get 10 working days to dispute any charges after which the amount confirmed as debited.


Damage disputes/ disagreements

If you have received a charge for damage or additional charges in your flat or room and do not agree with the charge or do not believe you are responsible for it, you are entitled to view the evidence and make a case in writing to the Accommodation Services Manager to appeal the damage cost.


Third party halls (Unite, Catherine House)

If you are in these halls please refer to the relevant halls websites for information on damages and additional charges.