This article contains information for University staff only.

It is possible for staff to request access to Moodle, create a new unit or request an external Moodle account. The options are available within the self-service form.

Moodle request form


Full name of user who requires an account

Email address of user who request an account.

Preferred username to be used if available and is compliant with current naming standards, e.g. it might be the same as their username for another system.

Preferred password to be used if compliant with current security standards.


Purpose of the account

Why does this person need an account to use the University of Portsmouth Moodle?


Moodle site(s) (units) which this user requires access to

Level of access required

  • Unit Reviewer - Can view all content (including hidden content).
  • University Admin Staff - Can view content and the grade book.
  • Non-Editing Teacher - Standard view for those not editing the content of the Moodle site.
  • Lecturer - For those lecturing on the unit.
  • Online Course Developer - For assisting in adding content and developing the unit.


When is the account required until?

Typically we find accounts are only needed for the current academic year. If shorter or longer, please advise.


University of Portsmouth staff member responsible for this user account?

We require a University of Portsmouth point of contact for all external accounts in order to arrange support where necessary or to check if the account is active.



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