Whether you're starting your Master's degree with us or returning after your first year, we're pleased to welcome you to the University. We hope you enjoyed the summer and are excited to get started.

Welcome message from Professor Gioia Pescetto, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law

Welcome to the Faculty of Business and Law. We're pleased that you've chosen to be with us this year. We wish to ensure that you feel welcome and comfortable.

Your decision to study a course in Business, Economics or Law will provide incredible opportunities as you develop your knowledge and skills. Our expert academics and practitioners will help shape your understanding of critical issues within the discipline. Engagement with your subject will open new frontiers of knowledge as you develop and work towards your goals and aims for the future. The experiences you have during your time here will be instrumental in shaping your life, both academically and socially.

Do seriously consider every opportunity open to you and take as many as you can. Your time with us will be a period of personal growth for you. You will make friends for life and take important decisions. Always remember that we are here for you.

I wish you the best with your studies. Be bold, be confident, and never settle for second best!

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Meet your lecturers

We're looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to your first lecture. Below you'll find information of key lecturers who'll teach you during your first teaching block.

Zoé Hoy


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Alaa Garad


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Debbie Reed


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Welcome to the MSc Strategic Quality Management course studied by distance learning. I hope you will enjoy studying the course and putting your learning into practice in your workplace. On behalf of the SQM course team, I wish you well in your studies and success in achieving your goals as a student and quality management professional.

On the academic and professional front, you will gain knowledge and understanding of good practice in strategic quality management to generate growth, reduce waste and to enhance customer experience. The programme also includes practical ways to improve your skills through critical thinking and self-directed study so you can apply them in both academic and business settings.

We expect you to be a self-directed learner, and carry out your own reading and investigation into the topics in the modules you will study.

Your week 1 timetable

You'll need your student account details to access many of your online induction activities. If you haven't already activated your student account, please activate it now. Your username will consist of 'UP' followed by your student ID number (for example, UP123456).

If you're having problems logging into Your Student View, please contact the Service Desk – call +44 023 9284 7777 or email servicedesk@port.ac.uk.

From 14th September 2020 to 2nd October 2020 you will study the induction materials and your first module 'Quantitative and Research Methods (Research Element) part 1 - Academic Literature'.

See your course Moodle page 'MSc Strategic Quality Management (DL)' for the link to join the induction WebEx on 14th September, induction information and your course calendar.

See the 'Research Methods (Research Element)' Moodle page for the link to join the Research Methods WebEx in your first week and your module materials.

Keep in mind that event times and locations might change at short notice.

We recommend you bookmark, favourite or save a link to this webpage so you can revisit it before you arrive and when you're on campus.

Meeting and working with other students

Students on the course have a wealth of professional knowledge and experience of quality management. Students can learn a lot from each other and you are expected to post and contribute to postings on the module forum (discussion board) on Moodle.

Further information

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