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Whether you're starting your Master's degree with us or returning after your first year, we're pleased to welcome you to the University. We hope you enjoyed the summer and are excited to get started.

Welcome message from Professor Gioia Pescetto, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law

Welcome to the Faculty of Business and Law. We're pleased that you've chosen to be with us this year. We wish to ensure that you feel welcome and comfortable.

Your decision to study a course in Business, Economics or Law will provide incredible opportunities as you develop your knowledge and skills. Our expert academics and practitioners will help shape your understanding of critical issues within the discipline. Engagement with your subject will open new frontiers of knowledge as you develop and work towards your goals and aims for the future. The experiences you have during your time here will be instrumental in shaping your life, both academically and socially.

Do seriously consider every opportunity open to you and take as many as you can. Your time with us will be a period of personal growth for you. You will make friends for life and take important decisions. Always remember that we are here for you.

I wish you the best with your studies. Be bold, be confident, and never settle for second best!

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Staying safe on campus

We’ll have all appropriate safety measures and a few restrictions in place. And every building will be open in line with Government guidance – including teaching spaces, communal spaces, toilets, cafes and the library. For more information about how we're ensuring your safety on campus, head to the 'Campus and city life 2020/21' page.

Due to coronavirus, we've made some changes to teaching to keep you safe. You'll take part in most large teaching sessions online. And any face-to-face teaching will be in small groups with social distancing measures in place. We've set up sanitisation stations across campus, one-way systems in busy areas and protective screens at certain locations.

Due to changing circumstances as a result of the pandemic, we may need to make further changes to courses to ensure your safety and to ensure compliance with Government guidelines. We'll provide you with as much notice as possible of any such changes. Your course leader will inform you of these changes.

International and EU students 

If you're joining us from overseas, find out about our International Orientation events and what you need to do during your first week.

If you can't travel to the UK, or you don't feel safe to travel, your course's first teaching block will be delivered completely online. The majority of Orientation events will also be online, so you'll still be able to get involved in welcome talks and social activities, as well as meet other new students.

Meet your lecturers

We're looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to your first lecture. Below you'll find information of key lecturers who'll teach you during your first teaching block.

Sercan Ozcan

Read more about Sercan Ozcan

 Yuksel Ekinci

Read more about  Yuksel Ekinci

During induction week, you'll meet members of your course teaching and administration team, Faculty support staff and other new students. You'll be assigned a personal tutor in your first week, who is an experienced member of academic staff.

The Faculty Office is on the ground floor of Richmond Building (also known as MyPort Richmond), where staff can answer questions and support you as you find your way around the University. You can also contact them by email at

You should attend all timetabled induction activities and regularly check for messages from the University, which will be sent to the contact details provided on your application.

Your week 1 timetable

You'll need your student account details to access many of your online induction activities. If you haven't already activated your student account, please activate it now. Your username will consist of 'UP' followed by your student ID number (for example, UP123456).

If you're having problems logging into Your Student View, please contact the Service Desk – call +44 023 9284 7777 or email

Monday 12 October

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09:30am–10.00am: Registration and welcome to Faculty of Business and Law

10.00am–11.00am: Introduction to the DBA 

11.15am–12.30pm: Introduction to IT facilities and Moodle

1.30pm–3.30am: Proposal for Professional Research and Development module: Introduction and briefing. Format of the proposal, objectives, and criteria for evaluation

3.40pm–4.40pm: Proposal for Professional Research and Development: Introduction to the research process, types of research, hallmarks of scientific research

4.40pm–Until Close:  Individual consultations / software download help

Tuesday 13 October

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9.00am–9.30am: Welcome and Informal Chat

9.30am–12.30pm: Proposal for Professional Research and Development module: Conceptual Framework

1.30pm–3.00pm: Professional Review and Development module: Taking stock – your DBA personal SWOT

3.15pm–4.45pm: Professional Review and Development module: Introduction and Global Competencies Index (GCI) briefing

4.45pm–5.45pm: Introduction to the library resources E-journals

5.45pm–6.15pm: CGI Individual feedback

Wednesday 14 October

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9.00am–9.30am: Surgery – Registration or other issues & CGI Individual feedback

9.30am–11.00am: Library Skills for Business Researchers

11.15am–12.45pm: Publication and Dissemination Module: Introduction and briefing

1.45pm–2.15pm: Advanced Research Techniques Module: Introduction and briefing

2.15pm–3.15pm: Advanced Research Techniques Module: Quantitative data - different forms of data; data quality issues and different research options

3.15pm–5.00pm: Advanced Research Techniques Module: Quantitative data analysis assignment objectives and key skills

5.00pm–Until Close: CGI Individual feedback

Thursday 15 October

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9.00am–9.30am: CGI Individual feedback

9.30am–10.45am: Advanced Research Techniques Module: Quantitative data analysis

11.00am–12.30pm: Advanced Research Techniques Module: Hands-on practice with software

1.30pm–3.00pm: Advanced Research Techniques Module: Quantitative data analysis assignment practice and assignment surgery

3.15pm–5.00pm: Advanced Research Techniques Module: Quantitative data analysis – assignment Q&A; assessment criteria; assessment feedback processes

5.15pm–5.45pm: CGI Individual feedback

Friday 15 October

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9.00am–9.30am: Individual consultations and informal chat

9.30am–10.30am: Proposal for Professional Research and Development module: Literature review feedback

10.30am–1.30pm: Proposal for Professional Research and Development module: Principles of research design; measurement, scaling, reliability, validity

1.30pm–1.45pm: Next steps (the year at a view) and staying in touch

1.45pm–2.30pm: Virtual Lunch and Student Staff Consultative Committee Meeting

2.30pm–4.30pm: Individual consultations

Keep in mind that event times and locations might change at short notice.

We recommend you bookmark, favourite or save a link to this webpage so you can revisit it before you arrive and when you're on campus.

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