Animation BA (Hons) – Year 1: Induction information


Welcome to Portsmouth and the first year of your degree. We hope you enjoyed the summer and are excited to start your new life at university.

Welcome message from Professor Trevor Keeble, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries

I’m delighted to welcome you to the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) at the University of Portsmouth. I’m so pleased that you have chosen to come and study with us and hope that your time at Portsmouth will be challenging, rewarding and fun. I’m very proud to work alongside the many talented people who make up our academic, technical and professional support teams in CCI. We have been working incredibly hard to ensure that your experience as a new student in the Faculty is excellent in spite of the challenges that we currently face as a consequence of the pandemic. Things will obviously be done slightly differently to how they have been done before but I know that working safely together, we will thrive. Have a great year. I wish you every success in what you do and hope that your time at Portsmouth is a very happy one.

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Staying safe on campus

We’ll have all appropriate safety measures and a few restrictions in place. And every building will be open in line with Government guidance – including teaching spaces, communal spaces, toilets, cafes and the library. For more information about how we're ensuring your safety on campus, head to the 'Campus and city life 2020/21' page.

Due to coronavirus, we've made some changes to teaching to keep you safe. You'll take part in most large teaching sessions online. And any face-to-face teaching will be in small groups with social distancing measures in place. We've set up sanitisation stations across campus, one-way systems in busy areas and protective screens at certain locations.

Due to changing circumstances as a result of the pandemic, we may need to make further changes to courses to ensure your safety and to ensure compliance with Government guidelines. We'll provide you with as much notice as possible of any such changes. Your course leader will inform you of these changes.

Hygiene wipes will be provided to wipe down equipment such as lightboxes and PCs.

International and EU students 

If you're joining us from overseas, find out about our International Orientation events and what you need to do during your first week.

If you can't travel to the UK, or you don't feel safe to travel, your course's first teaching block will be delivered completely online. The majority of Orientation events will also be online, so you'll still be able to get involved in welcome talks and social activities, as well as meet other new students.

Meeting and working with other students

  • We'll be using Google Meet, Discord, Sync-Sketch, Twitch and Zoom to support group work.
  • Lectures and seminars will often be live-events hosted by Google Meet, Zoom or Twitch.
  • Discord forums will be set-up and used for each course module for feedback sessions allowing tutors and peers to comment and share course resources.
  • Sync-Sketch will be used for detailed feedback allowing tutors to sketch guidelines over student media.

Best practices in communicating digitally 

Meet your lecturers

We're looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to your first lecture. Below you'll find information of key lecturers who'll teach you during your first teaching block.

Mat Garey (Course leader)

Available in Eldon EL2.08 

Find out more about Mat

Colin West (Deputy Course Leader)

Available in Eldon EL2.08

Paul Charrisse

Available in Eldon EL2.08

Jackie West

Available in Eldon EL2.08

Find out more about Jackie

Eva Palacios

Available in Eldon EL2.08

Vincent Woodcock

Available in Eldon EL2.08

Jordan Buckner

Available in Eldon EL2.08

Find out more about Jordan

Searle Kochberg

Available in Eldon EL2.08

Andrew Russell

Available in Eldon EL2.08

Welcome from the School of Creative Technologies

During your induction in the School of Creative Technologies, you'll meet staff who'll support and challenge you during your time at university. This includes your personal tutor, who'll work closely with you while you're a student here. You should aim to settle into university life as quickly as possible so you can start developing your understanding and skills. You're joining a community of staff and students, and we're all here to support you – don’t be afraid to ask if you’re unsure about anything.

Your induction timetable

You'll need your student account details to access many of your online induction activities. If you haven't already activated your student account, please activate it now. Your username will consist of 'UP' followed by your student ID number (for example, UP123456).

Log into your Moodle course page

If you're having problems logging into Your Student View, please contact the Service Desk – call +44 023 9284 7777 or email

Monday 5th October

11.00am-1.00pm: Course Meeting, Group 1*

University Learning Centre 1.17

2.00pm-4.00pm: Course Meeting, Group 2*

Eldon 2.31

Wednesday 7th October

12.00pm-1.00pm: Level 4 School Welcome

Online LIVE

*Course Leader will be in contact with you regarding groups

Keep in mind that event times and locations might change at short notice.

We recommend you bookmark, favourite or save a link to this webpage so you can revisit it before you arrive and when you're on campus.

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