Relationship difficulties may sometimes impact on your studies and general wellbeing. You may underestimate the impact of relationship difficulties or break ups there is lots of support available and it may make a big difference to talk to someone neutral about it and get things off your chest.

It is always advisable to let your personal tutor or course leader know if you are having difficulties affecting your studies – they are there to help, and can offer useful advice and support. Consult your GP if you are feeling persistently low, or if your difficulties are significantly affecting your daily functioning.

Library books

The University library has copies of the following books which could be useful:

  • Berne, E - Games People Play - 158.2/BER
  • Crowe, M. - Overcoming Relationship Problems - Amazon
  • Harris, R. - ACT with love: stop struggling, reconcile differences, and strengthen your relationship, with acceptance and commitment therapy - ebrary

Other resources

If you would like to research more around the topic of relationships, the Student Wellbeing Service can recommend the following self-help resources:

CBT self-help resources

From a well-regarded Australian site, these popular downloadable CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) workbooks provide clear, easy to read information along with short exercises and activities to learn and apply skills for tackling common issues. Many students have found these materials helpful. Choose from:

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A comprehensive, free online resource which provides information about common emotional problems and practical help in treating them, with a range of strategies and exercises and an online workbook to track progress and record experiences. Includes a specific programme for divorce and separation.

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Other self-help resources

Take a look at our other self-help resources.