As a result of the recent IT incident the IS team is currently working to improve the security of laptops issued to staff at the University.

To ensure that your laptop is safe to be used on campus we ask all staff to visit one of our drop-in centres on campus where their laptop would be checked and re-imaged.

There are three steps for staff to complete as part of this process:

  • Complete the Staff equipment questionnaire
  • Prepare your laptop for re-imaging
  • Book an appointment to have your laptop re-imaged


Staff equipment questionnaire

Before you book your appointment please complete this Staff equipment questionnaire.

It should take no more than 5 mins to complete. We will ask a few questions about the device that you use and your current working arrangements. Please check this guidance on how to identify the key information about your laptop: make, asset or serial numbers.


Preparing your laptop for re-imaging

Before we can re-image your device you will need to:

  • backup the data on your device such as data on the C-Drive, Downloads folder and Desktop
  • save/synchronise your browser bookmarks

If you do not back up your data, it will be lost when your laptop is reimaged.



We've put together brief user guides to help you prepare:

Pre-installation guide for Windows 10 (including backup process)
Synchronising bookmarks in Chrome
Synchronising bookmarks in Firefox
Backing up bookmarks in Internet Explorer


After the reimage

Once your laptop is re-imaged these Windows 10 familiarisation materials are also available to help you get started:

Getting started with Windows 10
Adding a printer in Windows 10
Locating programs in Windows 10
Customising the Windows 10 Desktop
Customising the Windows 10 Start Menu
Viewing Windows side by side in Windows 10 (Snap Assist)

Windows 10 Training is also available for all staff who would like to have additional support.

If you need additional support or have further questions please contact the Service Desk on ext. 7777 or



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